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home and away tasha robbie first meet

3. And Tasha and Robbie worked out in the end (despite the whole cult thing). Home And Away Source: Timeincuk. Natasha "Tasha" Hunter (also Andrews) is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Isabel Lucas. She made her first screen appearance in the episode broadcast on 31 July Tasha has a love interest in the form of Robbie Hunter (Jason Smith) and the couple later marry. A bit of an odd-ball at first, he soon began rubbing the Sutherland's the wrong with Robbie and Tasha however didn't take long to start getting in trouble. First .. Outside, he met Charity who implored him to try and understand that Jonah was.

They later cast him as Kim Hyde.

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Of his casting, the actor told the official Home and Away website "I really enjoyed the audition process because my character is so full of life. If there was any role on television I wanted to play this would be it. Within the first day of his arrival, he manages to put his future stepsister Jade 's Kate Garven nose out of joint by mistaking her for her sister, Kirsty Christie Hayes.

Robbie then apologises and Jade accepts. When Tasha Andrews Isabel Lucas goes missing, Robbie uses one of his inventions to catch her but it backfires, leaving him caught.

While trying to escape, Robbie is bitten by a snake and Tasha runs for help. After saving his life, Robbie gives Tasha a gift and they become good friends often getting into trouble including incidents of streaking and wagging school.

Tasha, after realising she cannot have two boyfriends, reassures Robbie he is the one for her and they reconcile and Robbie repairs his friendship with Kim. For Robbie's 17th birthday, he receives a car to his surprise as he feels that he would never be trusted after wrecking Tasha's guardian Irene Roberts ' Lynne McGranger. Robbie later finds himself embroiled with a feud with Duncan when he begins harassing and blackmailing Tasha with the knowledge that the late Angie Russell Laurie Foell is her mother and Robbie lashes out.

The feud comes to a head after Duncan pulls a gun on Robbie and Kim and later leaves the Bay. Robbie and Tasha decide to take their relationship to the next level, but Robbie is unable to perform which sets the couple back. They later resolves things and become stronger and Robbie supports Tasha when her birth father Ian Osborne rejects her.

During a nude run as part of a dare on a camping trip, Robbie suffers a needlestick injury and fears he has contracted something from the needle and keeps it a secret. Robbie's behaviour becomes erratic, prompting concern from his friends and family and local doctor and counsellor Flynn Saunders Joel McIlroy organises an intervention to make Robbie see how much he is hurting those who care about him.

Tasha's stay at the Beach House is met with drama after she burns her hands in a fire when is she is nowhere near it. She is visibly scared of Kane Phillips Sam Atwell and through flashbacks it is revealed that Kane and his older brother, Scott Josh Rosenthal held her hostage during a petrol station robbery. Irene quickly works out Tasha's name and she begins learning some English.

Robbie Hunter

Tasha's enrollment in the local High school does not run smoothly but Kit Hunter takes her under her wing and helps her to adjust to normal society. Flynn learns that Angie is Tasha's biological mother which shocks Irene, who makes a realisation after seeing a photo of a younger Angie.

Irene tries to protect Tasha but she finds out anyway. Tasha is hurt when she discovers Irene trying to hide the truth and runs away. Kit's brother, Robbie tries to find her by setting a trap but needs rescuing himself after he is bitten by a snake. Tasha saves him and they quickly become friends and share a kiss.

Robbie Hunter - Home and Away Characters - Back to the Bay

There is a small love triangle when Tasha kisses Kim and Robbie is hurt but they reconcile and they all remain friends. Tasha has dream in which Angie appears and heads to the bush to unearth the money she had hidden and finds some guns in the process.

Duncan blackmails Tasha into paying him off in exchange for her father's identity, which she does. This came to an abrupt end when he was left alone to lock up the Diner, and the burglar that attacked him came in for a late night coffee.

Robbie was able to keep the guy there until help arrived, which Tasha praised him for. Robbie however still felt worthless as he had relied on his brains rather than his brawn — which was painfully non-existent — and he traced his feelings of inadequacy back to when his father used to abuse him for not being strong enough.

Shortly after this, Kim asked Robbie to be best man at his and Hayleys wedding. Robbie and Kim joined the search, and the survivors where eventually found dinghy-wrecked on a secluded beach. Scott, refusing to rekindle his relationship with Amanda in spite of the pregnancy, had moved back in with Beth. When Robbie learned the truth, he unceremoniously ejected Amanda from the apartment, costing him an academic reference from her as his teacher.

When Robbie challenged her professional and personal integrity, Amanda slapped him, and she was suspended from her job as a result. Meanwhile, Tasha had gone to the city to be with her brother, Dylan, after he was reportedly involved in an accident. Kim was not impressed. In a last ditch attempt to make Kim see the funny side, Robbie decided to go to breakfast stark naked… only to discover that everyone else was fully clothed, in accordance with the recommendation of being dressed for meals.

Kim was sincerely grateful, though sadly not enough to take Robbie up on his offer to share his bed back home while Tasha was away. When Tasha returned from the city, she came back with a new friend, Jonah. Irene, Jack and Martha were worried, and decided to research The Believers and see what they were really about. They found out that there was a girl in Queensland who claimed that The Believers, and specifically Jonah, had tried to impregnate her before she escaped them.

He drove out to the farm and found her tent. Jonah was with her. As the storm worsened, Robbie had no choice but to lie down with Jonah and Tash to anchor the tent, watching Jonah hold onto Tash while he could do nothing to stop it… After the storm passed, Tasha told Robbie to leave. He walked away into the night to stand by a river, which was swollen with floodwaters.

Suddenly, he felt someone push him in, and as he called out for help, clinging to a flimsy branch to avoid being swept away to his death, Jonah was the first person on the scene. Unbeknownst to her, Mama Rose had stolen it. Robbie washed his hands of her after that. The camping trip came to an abrupt end when Kit and Robbie received news that their grandfather was in hospital after suffering a near-fatal heart attack.

Amanda, who had successfully fooled Graham into marrying her, had neglected to call the ambulance straight away after Graham had collapsed right in the middle of telling her that he knew all about her affair with Josh, and that he was planning to divorce her. Robbie, too, had known about the affair, but Amanda and Josh had convinced him that he had drawn the wrong conclusion when he saw them kissing; that Josh, in a moment of weakness, had made a move on Amanda, but she had not reciprocated.

In return for his silence and some unwitting involvement in illegal bribery, Josh promised Robbie that he would do everything in his mayoral power to shut The Believers down, thereby rescuing Tasha from their evil clutches. In reality, Josh did nothing to stop them, and was in fact accepting bribes from them as well.

Outraged by the ruling, and by the fact that Amanda had won, Robbie took matters into his own hands. Martha and Jack had not given up on Tasha, and neither had Robbie, despite having done everything he could do. Just when it looked like Tasha would be lost forever, Robbie was contacted by a girl named Rebecca, who told him that Mama Rose planned to have Jonah impregnate Tasha with a miracle child that would lead The Believers to glory.

She knew because they had tried to do it to her, but she escaped. Before Robbie could introduce Rebecca to Martha and Jack, she disappeared. Unfortunately Rebecca was moved before Martha could get help, and Martha was close to suffering the same ambiguous fate. Jack was able to rescue her though.

home and away tasha robbie first meet

When Robbie tried to go back and convince Tasha of the danger she was in, he too saw the shrine. When he tried to show Tasha, it was gone, and despite Martha claiming to have seen the exact same thing, Tasha did not believe them. She was still adamant that this was all due to them being close-minded and jealous of her new friends.

home and away tasha robbie first meet

Jonah, however, was interested in being more than friends. Instead, she had Jonah drug and rape Tasha, unbeknownst to her.