Finn and fionna meet

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finn and fionna meet

Fionna and Cake are sent to an alternate universe and they happen to bump into their gender bents Finn and Jake. Quite a problem huh? Things get worse. I'm really unsure if this question was asked on here and just got lost in time, but I' m just curious to know what your opinion is. Ice King has. Adventure Time Two Finn Meets Fionna. By: Major The Land of Ooo and The Land of Aaa collide! The Evil Lich Queen has opened a portal.

A few seconds latter Fionna came riding out of the castle on Cake. The heroes took off after her.

Adventure Time Finn & Jake/Fionna & Cake COMPARISON side by side

Little did any of them know they were fixing to run into a heaping mess of trouble and be taken to a whole new world. You can totally do better then him. Marshal dodged them and let out an aggravated sigh as he transformed into his giant bat form. He then grabbed Ice Queen and Gumball and separated them. Ice Queen cursed and screamed, while Gumball looked relieved. Marshal looked at the Ice Queen a little sadly.

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It pained him a little to see a former good friend to be in such a crazy unstable state. Fionna and Cake showed up on the scene.

finn and fionna meet

A weird flash of green lightning got everyone's attention. Everybody starred in confusion, then they heard a wicked evil laugh that sent a chill down everyone's spine. Marshal changed back into his human form and set Gumball and Ice Queen down on the ground. The Ice Queen for once seemed to have lost interest in Gumball as more evil laughter crackled through the sky.

Finn and Jake meet Fionna and Cake | Adventure Time Fan Ficton Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Everybody in the group knew who the laughter belonged to. Fionna pulled out her sword and crept deeper into the woods followed by everyone else. They soon came across the Lich Queen standing before a large green portal.

The others followed her.

finn and fionna meet

The Lich Queen grinned at the group. Perhaps I'll bring you along with me so you can witness my greatest triumph!

The portal then sucked everyone to it like a vacuum cleaner! The group went through the portal and it vanished! Jake laughed and nodded, waving one finger up and down, wiggling it absently as he did. A sudden female voice called out, "Finn!

finn and fionna meet

Marceline floated over and lifted her hand under her shade and she asked, "Okay, I don't wanna scare you guys or anything, but I think you might not wanna go to your tree-house tonight…" "Why? Jake asked, trying to clarify, "So there might be girl versions of us in our tree-house?

Immediately they both jumped into action and ran as fast as they could to their tree-house. Marceline flew after them, shouting about how it was a bad idea and that they needed to stop, but they didn't listen.

Finn kicked the door open, and was immediately met with a girl in blue, wielding one of his swords. But a cat suddenly jumped toward him, hissing loudly. The other sounded a lot like her, but it sounded…male Everyone turned and looked, to find Marceline floating next to a guy vampire with short messy black hair. Finn and Jake stared at him in shock. Their female doubles stared at Marceline. The male Marceline proudly put a hand on his hip and cocked his head to the side, saying smugly, "I'm Marshall Lee, the Vampire King.

Marshall hissed at her, "You can't be the queen if I'm king! Finn, Jake, and their female doubles all looked at the vampire duo and then at each other.

finn and fionna meet