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Read Fifty's First Christmas from the story Shades of Christian by supleena with reads. christian, shades. My sweater is scratchy and. Third and last (thank god) in the Fifty Shades erotic romance trilogy stories at the end: “Fifty's First Christmas” is about the first Christmas Christian while “ Meet Fifty Shades” is Christian's side of his first meeting with Ana. Too bad James didn't come up with this when she first wrote Fifty Shades of Grey. "Look I gave always had feelings for her ever since I met her five years ago. The first time Kate introduced me to her college friend and roommate I almost fell out of my chair. . She wants to go Christmas shopping in New York and drag me to some .. I swear I have married someone right out of the fifties.

I know he will take exception to how I treated Mia, but it wasn't like she didn't want to fuck me. She kept practically begging me to be intimate with her. I was with other girls besides her over the summer. I didn't tell Mia or Kate that, but I felt less guilty about fucking girls I picked up in bars than I did about being with Mia. I never intended to use her. Taylor and Reynolds escort me up to the executive level and Taylor knocks on a door that must be his fucking highnesses office.

He says something and motions for me to enter. I get up, sigh and walk in to see Christian standing and leaning against his desk. Impressive digs, but I expected that. I thought we should talk. Can I get you some coffee or a bottle of water? I have a class at 2: You know why I want to talk. I don't want this to get ugly and I want us to agree on some sort of common ground. Your sister is marrying my brother.

I don't think we should let this escalate and yet, I need to know just how serious of a fucking infatuation you have for my wife. I am trying to be reasonable here, but Ana has been through enough with the Hyde thing, I want to make sure she is safe. I would never hurt her or make her uncomfortable. I only told my sister how I was feeling so she would quit inviting me to be around all of you until I get these feelings I have for Ana resolved. I take a deep breath. The first time Kate introduced me to her college friend and roommate I almost fell out of my chair.

You know Ana is unassuming and has no idea…" "I am not interested in you selling me on my wife's beauty. I know exactly how beautiful and unassuming she is.

I just want to know how deep your feelings are and when you decided it was love vs. He is wearing what looks like a very expensive suit and I realize that if this is what Ana wanted, then I probably never had a chance with her. He and I have nothing in common other than we both grew up in wealthy homes.

I had planned to ask her out and of course I was thinking when I moved in with her and Kate that she would start feeling the same way towards me as I felt about her.

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I have had it bad for her for several years. Whenever we all got together over the past few years you know she and I would always be together and have a good time. Kiss a few times — relax, we never slept together. You hung out with us all summer, went with us to Aspen, came to our wedding and dated my sister. What happened to make you come clean about your feelings?

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I hardly thought about how Mia was doing and I felt terrible about that. When I found out Ana was pregnant, I knew that your relationship was real and I don't know, I guess I knew I couldn't be around her for awhile, so I ended it with Mia and have backed off. Did you not attend our wedding? Do you feel noble for dumping my sister after you fucked her and took her virginity?

You are one delusional fuck Ethan. I am sorry about Mia but it's not like you didn't pop a few cherries in your day and she was begging me. You know I tried to avoid fucking her all summer but she pouted and just wanted it. It was wrong I know that but… " Okay that wasn't the right thing to say as he has just crossed the room and pulled me up by the shirt.

I scrunch my eyes waiting for his fist to hit my face. Grey, you said not to let you do this. Has he been here the whole time? And not that it is any of your fucking business but I have only had sex with one virgin in my life and I married her. So, don't be sanctimonious with me you little fuck. Little early for a drink isn't it. This conversation is going nowhere. I wish Mia nothing but the best. She is a really sweet, attractive girl and I hear she is very happy with her new boyfriend.

I stayed away on Thanksgiving because I don't want to see Ana pregnant with your kid and be around her. I am trying to get on with my life. I have tried being with a few other girls that I have met and I am still not quite able to stop thinking about Ana, but I know she is your wife and she is happy.

So, hopefully, I will move on here soon. But you need to tell me why I am here, because, I don't know what else I can do here. I know that you will be running into us at the wedding and down the road, but I want you to go finish your masters somewhere else and stay the hell away from my wife. I have strict instructions that if my security team sees you anywhere near her, they will use force to keep you away from her.

But I want you gone. Go to school somewhere else Ethan and get on with your life. I told Kate that she should figure out what to do with the apartment, because I need to leave.

Okay is that what you wanted to hear? I would never go after your wife. That is why I have separated myself from all of you, don't you get that.

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I was wrong to be with Mia. It wasn't like I was trying to hurt her, I kept hoping I would have feelings for her and not Ana, but it never happened okay. I am not stupid, you both could easily kick my ass, I am not going to do anything I just want to stand up.

I don't like sitting and looking up at you. Or is Pepperdine your first choice? I can get in on my own. If I need your help I will let you know. I want to leave as bad as you want me gone okay. Look she doesn't have any interest in me, so this is ridiculous.

She loves you and is pregnant with your kid. Even if I were to run into her, it's all you dude. Let me know if you need for me to make a call or donation or whatever to get you into one of those schools. I think it is best if you just get out of Seattle for awhile.

I can't make you obviously, but I don't like you. I never have Ethan and I don't want to see you anymore than I have to.

Knowing you are in love with my wife, doesn't work for me. I am a jealous man and Ana is my life. I don't want Ana to go over to see Kate and worry about you being there. So, that is why you are here. If we have to have this discussion again, it won't just be a discussion. That is why I am trying to leave. We won't ever get past that, and you have a bigger problem with Elliot on that subject than you do me. If we can agree to be civil at the wedding and we can agree that you are not to be anywhere near Ana unless I am there as well, then you are good to go.

I reach out to shake his hand. He shakes his head and doesn't extend his hand. Neither of you arrogant pricks deserve Ana or Kate, but I love my sister, and that is why you can trust me not to break my word. But, I hope for Ana's sake you can keep her happy because she only deserves the best.

If Grey didn't worship his wife and hadn't promised her he wouldn't get physical with you, your face would be hurting right now. I hope you don't look a gifted horse in the mouth. You fuck up and I will hurt you. I didn't promise anyone anything, got that? Just making sure you exit the building. And so you know, we have surveillance on you, so watch your step.

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I can't believe these fuckers. I would never hurt Ana and they act all bad ass. I understand that he is pissed that I have strong feelings about his wife, but Grey can't make me leave.

As it is, I wanted to get out of Seattle. It's too painful to even be in the same town as Ana. But now I am pissed. I might hang around just to irritate that cocky fucker. I just had my chat with your future brother-in-law. But he has agreed to transfer schools. So he's your problem now. As long as he isn't around my wife, I don't have anything else to say to him. But thank fuck he isn't going to be my brother-in-law. Did he say anything about me?

I told Kate I am not ready to see him. As it is I have to go over to her parent's house for Christmas dinner and see him. That out to be a fucking blast. So when do you and Ana leave for New York again? It might be fun. Can you take the time off? We are only finishing projects through the rest of the year and then after the New Year we start the revitalization project and I won't be getting any time off for months from that.

By the way, are you keeping a list of things that need to be adjusted or fixed at your house? I know Ana told me her closet racking is lose, and Gail send a list of items from the kitchen, but I was expecting more items. So, we square on what I owe you? I told Mike to cut you your final payment the other day. I appreciate how hard you guys worked to get us in before Christmas. We are loving it. You over paid me, by a lot, like a half million too much…. Let me talk to Kate and I will let you know if we are going with you next week.

I guess I will see you tomorrow night at the fundraiser. She and Christian are fairly well matched in that they are mature in different areas so they can figure out how to balance the weaknesses of the other. If only they can match that balance with responsibility and understanding. They trade-off on being the child in this relationship. James misses a number of opportunities to make this a better story. Taken as a whole, the Fifty Shades Trilogy falls down. I really enjoyed the first one as James played my emotions, caused me to empathize with her characters.

The second was a disaster. As though James got too cocky and thought she could do without an editor. The last is the equivalent of a broom and dustpan sweeping up the loose ends. I thought Ana was pretty stupid with her ultimatum to Christian. She knows how vulnerable he is. Admittedly, Christian has his own problems he needs to work on.

But at least he tries which is more than I can say for her. All mark the milestones of our growing son. Christian seems so lost in the images that I become a little nervous. I smile and he shakes his head, still too overtaken to say anything more. It feels good to do something that moves him so deeply, something that lights those dark corners of his heart, there where it matters most.

Relieved, I perch on the edge of the desk, content to take a trip down memory lane with my two favorite guys. By the time Christian finishes paging through the book, Chris is almost shaking with the effort of containing his enthusiasm. Questioningly he looks up to Christian, expectation flashing like a neon sign on his sweet face. Christian was a delight to shop with, a big boy choosing a toy for a little one. I had my hands full trying to stop him from purchasing the whole store. We even had to have a little talk about overindulging children.

In the end he settled for a battery-operated, kid-size Jeep. His appreciative tone warms me and in turn I give him a gentle smile. When the tender moment passes he turns back to his son. On the way, I remind myself to grab my camera.

With his mouth agape he slowly walks around it, almost too scared to touch it in case it vanishes. Then, with a little bit of encouragement from Christian, his reverential hand reaches out to touch the army-green plastic. We chuckle as he shivers, squeaking with delight. He jumps on the spot, his face painted with glee as his rapid-fire claps resound through the room. When he turns he runs full tilt into our legs, hugging us with all his might.

Christian spends a minute showing him how to operate the small vehicle before he lets him take a short drive through the open spaces of the great room. Grey is here to collect Chris. I get a rueful smile from my husband before he gives the okay to Brandon to show Carrick in.

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My stomach makes a nervous flip. I think for the hundredth time as I finish my make-up. In the mirror I catch my husband stalking toward me, his eyes trained on mine, heated as he slips his arms around me, splaying one hand over my baby bump.

With the other he brushes my hair over my shoulder before kissing me along the curve of my neck. Even to my own eyes I look besotted, love-struck.

It was a joy to see the pleasure on your face. My heart makes a quick stop before resuming at a galloping pace. Closing my eyes, I will my hormones to settle before I reach for the crisp, white rectangle.

In my hands I fan the pages when suddenly the heading of the first page jumps out at me. Slowly I turn to face him, looking at him with a question in my eyes.

He runs his fingers through my hair then cups my jaw in his hands. No money, nowhere to go. I can see how painful it is for him to recall those days. One for you and one for each child. Leaving, coming back, getting remarried, the new baby, the horrific threat played out in our lives, the upcoming fight, and now this. Sobbing, I bury my head in his chest, unsure what to make of the source of his generosity — guilt, fear? All I know is that I love him more than l can ever hope to express.

His strong arms band around me, crushing me to him. I just want the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what, you and my children are taken care of. Most men would run a mile from a tearful woman but he just holds me, his powerful body a fitting metaphor for the anchor he is in my life. When the shudders cease, he lifts my head.

His worried eyes find mine. Who can say no to that? And more importantly, why would I want to reject HIS beautiful, unique way of showing that he loves me? I nod, biting my lip so as not to cry anymore. Smiling now, he brushes the wet trails from my cheeks before touching my lips with his, the brief contact searing me with a zinging spark. We stare at each other, surprised at being surprised by the force of our attraction. Like magnets our lips smash together in an inevitable meeting: Dazed and breathless we draw apart, our bodies primed for love.

Christian rakes a hand through his hair, messing it up even more. Grey, wild fucking horses…. With a grin he lets out a long breath, still eyeing me in a way that makes me feel like dinner before he turns to get ready. His actions always make me feel important, cherished. With a coy curve on my mouth and a rosy glow on my cheeks I speak two simple words, the meaning of them never more important for me to convey.

Christian glances at me with heated eyes and kisses the back of my hand to hide his boyish grin. Claude has a say in our sex life?? Claude smirks, then quickly wipes it off his face when he sees Christian scowling at him. An amused Claude leaves us to join Brandon, who is waiting outside the door to escort me to our seats. I just wanted to explain about the sex.

He made me promise that I would abstain for this one. Good thing then that I stopped your amorous attack. His free hand grips my behind, squeezing and pushing me further into him. I could never lose because of you. My inner goddess thrills at the sight of him adjusting himself in his pants and the sound of the raspy husk in his bedroom voice. Mmhh, locker room sex…. As I hug him for good luck, another idea pops into my overstimulated brain.

I remember watching a documentary that showed a coach slapping a boxer before a fight to get him angry, riled for the contest, so being mad must be good pre-fight, right? Right before I exit the door I turn my head, throwing the words over my shoulder like the lifeline I hope my advice to be. I only just make out his angry grunt as the door closes behind me.

Go take it out on your opponent, Mr. Brandon escorts me to our seats, all the while looking around for potential hazards. Looking around, I see the crowd growing.

The arena is almost packed to capacity, the holiday crowd enjoying the action. From what Christian told me, I know there are a whole bunch of sporting events that one could enter into: All the CEOs and celebrities volunteer their time and efforts.

Lots of people wave placards reading We love you Matt! I can almost hear the minutes tick by. Matt should be pleased, losing by score rather than by knockout, and the crowd seems unperturbed by their bets going to charity. They stand as one, applauding happily and loudly. To get my bucking emotions under control I decide on some fresh air while I still have the time.

While I take care of business I visualize a positive outcome for Christian, just like Dr. Flynn taught me, but my hands remain clammy even after I dry them with a paper towel.

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Outside I rejoin Brandon and he hurries us back. The kickboxer that was up first, the CEO of a huge chain of hardware stores, was knocked out in the second round so Christian is up next. The arena is in semidarkness as we take our seats. My heart stutters in my chest as does my breath. The stranger next to me squeezes my arm.