Ed and al meet someone from their past fanfic

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ed and al meet someone from their past fanfic

Fanfiction. When Mustang told Ed and Al to go to an orphanage to pick up a young . That is, until you meet Edward Elric and his brother, Alphonse Elric. Although they are aware of the sketchy past, only more secrets are bound to be dug That, and she travels alone or she did, before the humuncoli and someone else. What do you tell someone in their last moments? In the end, what . This story takes place soon after Ed and Al's first meeting with the homunculi. I may have to . Fanfiction. When Mustang told Ed and Al to go to an orphanage to pick up a young "Come on brother, it would be interesting to meet her," Alphonse Elric, Ed's . The old woman walked out past them and the girl fell to her knees, sobbing.

He made it half way before the psycho pressed his hand to a circle etched onto the stairs near him. The electric current of the transmutation travelled up the stairs and encased the catwalk. The walkway lurched, then stilled. Ed, both arms spread for balance, made eye contact with Roy before the ground beneath his feet lurched again.

The metal holding the walkway up snapped, and with a sickening groan, half of the catwalk hurled toward the ground. Ed and Al each managed to grab onto the railing, but were now dangling from the rickety metal, each with one hand holding their precarious support and the other hand gripping each other.

Ed heard Roy shout his name before he felt the heat of fire at his back. The beams above him groaned again as the air pressure changed. Ed looked at his brother, and knew that their faces both said the same thing: The metal above them creaked and groaned, and Ed tried to cover Al with his body while at the same time rushing him out of the way as the catwalk started to fall.

Before he could reach Roy though, metal crashed to the ground behind him, and following the reverberations through the floor was the blue glow of alchemy. Ed looked over his shoulder to see the psychotic alchemic asshole with his hands pressed to the transmutation circle on the ground. The same circle that Ed and Al had managed to land directly in the middle of. Ed turned and reached towards Roy with one hand while shoving Al towards him with the other.

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Ed had no idea what this circle did, but there was no way it was good. Before either brother could escape the circle, a brilliant white-blue light filled Ed's vision. He heard Al cry out just before he lost consciousness.

Inspiration for, and details about, this story: I got the idea for this from Harry Potter Redo fics. I love those types of fics, and really just anything having to do with time travel. I really wanted to read one in the FMA verse, but I can't find any. So I stared thinking one out in my head, and then I decided to post it here.

I have a few ideas for fics like this in my head. Then they have to convince Mustang and Hawkeye that they're from the future when they arrive that night.

Idk, like I said, I have a few ideas I love time travel and FMA, and I wish the 2 were combined more often and if anyone wants to write them or really really wants me to try contact me.

A century had passed since Al had regained his body and for the last fifty years, Ed had been gone. Al let a pent up breath trickle past his lips, shutting his eyes against the brightness of the sun.

A hundred damn years and he was still the boy that had been brought back. He could remember it like yesterday: Trying to stop 'Father' and his homunculi and cronies, like Kimbley, there had been an unexpected twist of alchemy.

A shudder ran through Al's damp body at the remembrance of such raw power coming to bear; he and Edward, joined by the alchemy of their father as well as Mustang, Marcoah, Armstrong, Mei and even Izumi.

First his metal frame had glowed a vibrant rubicund but they managed it - he had gone from being the Philosopher's Stone to a frail, starved teenaged boy, naked as the day he had been born. For years, Winry had insisted on celebrating that day as Al's second birthday as a way to, not only welcome him back to the world, but to remember those who had been lost.

Mei, Scar and Marcoah had all died in the battle. Eyes still shut against sun and time, Al ran a hand over his ribs, half expecting to be able to feel each and every one still instead of the trim muscle he had developed later. For a while, life had been almost normal. Marriages happened and then children.

He would never forget Ed turning into another Maes Hughes the moment his first son was born, much to Winry's chagrin. Al knew he had fared little better when his own first little one came. The children grew but Al hadn't aged. He and his brother realized one thing; Al had become just like their father. The alchemic blast had changed them all at some level but Al most profoundly.

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He had been a stone, however briefly, and one of the things a Philosopher Stone could convey was immortality. The thought had chilled Al then and had him shivering in the hot sun now. As if it had just happened here pool-side, Al could recall Ed's predictable ire when his beautiful, golden-haired, golden-eyed daughter announced she would be marrying a boy with smoky eyes, a young alchemist bearing the surname, Mustang. Roy, naturally, had just egged Ed on into one volcanic explosion after another.

Both men wept like infants at the wedding. Al remembered the look in Winry and Ed's eyes when they became grandparents, the joy in his own heart when his eldest daughter had her first child.

ed and al meet someone from their past fanfic

Even now his throat closed over thinking about the fateful day when a plane — an invention Winry had just adored — crashed, taking both his brother and Winry from him.

His only consolation was they went together.

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Al could still hear Mustang's heartbroken cries of heart-rending grief when Riza passed before he did. Al remembered the torture of trying to explain to his wife, Lea, why he wasn't aging, harder yet to put her in the ground.

Now, he was alone with all their offspring, beautiful reminders of that which was gone. Al knew one day all of his own children would die. Only the two youngest were left, their strange blood, a parental gift, keeping them around this long. All of his own family members, Mustang's as well, knew about him. His condition was rumored at the alchemic universities that had cropped up under the guidance of an Elric-Mustang-Armstrong alliance but Al changed with the times.

He tried his best to blend in, changing his name as he moved about, forever unaging. The one thing Al couldn't bear was to let it all fade into obscurity. He had written down what he and his brother had done and that first tumultuous year of recovery living with the Rockbells. Ed and Armstrong share all the information they and Hughes had collected on Laboratory 5 and the Homunculi while Breda fills them in on all the data Mustang had gathered from Barry and his own investigations.

With all the information synchronized, Edward reflects upon the encouragement that Mrs. Hughes had given him earlier and comes to a decision. He declares to the others that, though he cannot give up on the promise he and Alphonse made to each other and though he is only one human being only capable of so much, he will do his utmost to ensure that no one else will become a casualty in their personal redemption.

After Ross leaves with Fu to continue their long journey across the desert to Xing, Breda and Armstrong make preparations to sneak back into Amestris through Resembool. However, Edward asks them to wait while he goes to reexamine the mysterious mural.

He notices the array contains several archaic alchemical runes such as "the hermaphroditic double-headed dragon" as well as what appears to be alternating pentagons with five suns and five moons at their vertices and, though he recognizes the array's shape as the circle he discovered in Laboratory 5, the circles large missing sections prevent him from truly understanding what the circle was for.

Before he can get a closer look, however, Edward is attacked from behind. Easily subduing his assailant, he discovers that the man is Ishvalan and immediately realizes that he has been quietly surrounded by Ishvalan refugees hiding from the Amestrian government in the ruins of Xerxes.

ed and al meet someone from their past fanfic

They demand that he become their hostage to be used as a bargaining chip in their negotiations for the return of their Holy Land, Ishval, but are interrupted when the eldest of their camp, Mistress Shanarrives on the scene admonishes them for their reprehensible behavior. When Edward asks why Shan would protect an Amestrian when she has so much reason to hate them, she reveals that though she does hate Amestris she remembers a pair of Amestrian doctors who had saved her life during the Ishval Civil War.

Ed and Al reencounter their teacher (Both versions)

When Edward discovers that Shan is speaking of Sara and Urey RockbellWinry's parents, he is glad to hear of their bravery but asks solemnly if Shan knows how the two died. Sorrowfully, she explains to a mortified Edward that the Rockbells were slain near the end of the war by an Ishvalan warrior monk whom they themselves had helped save - a man with bandages all over his face and an elaborate tattoo running up the length of his right arm.

Returning Father and the Nameless Grave Promising to deliver Shan's message of gratitude and remorse to the Rockbells' graves, Edward departs and is dropped off by Breda and Armstrong in Resembool. As he heads toward Pinako's house to have the minor damage to his automail arm repaired, Edward stops at the village graveyard to say his peace to Urey and Sara but notices a familiar figure standing before the grave of his mother.

Shocked and angry, Edward comes face-to-face with Van Hohenheimhis father. Edward scolds Hohenheim furiously for leaving them and then for coming back where he isn't wanted, but Hohenheim doesn't seem interested in his son's grievances, instead asking what happened to the house. Edward crossly explains that he burned it down as a declaration of their resolve, but Van Hohenheim declares instead that Edward had done it because he didn't want to be reminded of his mistake with Human Transmutation.

Even more upset, Edward storms off toward Pinako's house, annoyed that Hohenheim is headed there as well. That night, Edward lies awake in bed listening as Pinako and Van discuss the tragedy that had befallen him and his brother and is shocked when Hohenheim suggests to Pinako that the creature that the boys had brought about through Human Transmutation had not been their mother at all.

Ed's reaction after realizing the blunder he committed in the past. After Hohenheim leaves the next morning, Edward asks Pinako to help him dig up the corpse of the creature he had transmuted in order to verify whether or not it truly was Trisha.

Upon doing so, Pinako is able to conduct an examination, which concludes that none of the deformed body's traits had anything in common with Trisha; the hair is black as opposed to brown, the femurs are too long and the pelvis belongs to a male.

The being that the brothers had sacrificed their very bodies to create had not even been their mother. While this fact disturbs Pinako, Edward is shown a ray of hope in the discovery: Edward fashions a proper grave for the creature's remains, remembering that - though it was not his mother - it had been a living humanwhich had raised its head to look at him just before dying.

He then calls Izumi to inform her of his findings and ask her to confirm whether or not the baby she had transmuted had actually been her child.

With these new discoveries acquired and his arm repaired, Ed prepares to leave, but before he does, Pinako asks him to deliver a message to Van that she had forgotten to relay. She tells Edward that his mother's last message to his father was an apology for not being able to fulfill their "promise" and for passing away before him.

Arriving in Central soon afterward, Edward is shocked to discover that Alphonse's body has been badly damaged in battle, with large chunks missing from his armor. As he repairs the damage alchemically, Edward is informed by Alphonse that an operation had taken place during his absence which led Mustang's group to the very threshold of the Homunculi's lair, resulting in the deaths of Barry the Chopper and the Homunculus Lust.

In turn, Edward explains that he dug up the body of the creature they had transmuted while in Resembool and discovered that it was not their mother. He goes on to explain his belief that Alphonse's original body must still be alive, meaning that instead of creating a new one, all they have to do is retrieve the one that exists. Alphonse then remembers that, during the incident inside the Gate, he had seen his human body opposite himself and also mentions that he has a memory of seeing Edward from inside the body of the transmuted creature before it rejected his soul.

Just then, Edward receives a phone call from Izumi, confirming after hours of research that the child she had transmuted had traits that could not have come from either her or Sig's lineages - meaning that it was not her child after all. She thanks Edward for releasing her from the burden of her guilt at having caused her child to die a second time.

Following her example, Al thanks Ed for proving to him that he was not the cause of a second death for their mother. With this new information, the brothers resolve to find a way into the Gate to retrieve Al's body.

The boys consider their options, positing that the circumstances of their joint rebound may have caused their spirits to cross and intermix, allowing Al's body to survive, but when the topic of using the Philosopher's Stone arises, Ed expresses his aversion to using human lives for their personal gain and thinks of the Homunculi. Requiring more information, the boys decide that they will need a way to speak with a Homunculus directly.

Edward visits Laboratory 3where Al had informed him the entrance to the underground base of the Homunculi lay, but finds only that the entrance has been silently covered up with alchemy. But as they wonder what their next move should be, the Elrics are met by Sgt. Brosh, who informs them that Scar has been sighted within the city and has apparently resumed his extermination of State Alchemists.

As he reveals to Al what he learned in Xerxes about Scar likely being the one who murdered Winry's parents, Edward gets an idea and states that they will need to confront Scar, not only to ask him about the Rockbells, but also to lure out the Homunculi by putting himself in seemingly mortal danger.

Remembering that the two of them were called "Human Sacrifices", Edward posits that whatever the Homunculi are planning requires the Elrics' participation, making their lives indispensable. Alphonse spots flaws in the plan, but when Ling and Lan Fan appear at the window, having overheard their conversation and offering their help in exchange for a part of the spoils when they manage to capture an immortal Homunculus, a joint plan comes together.

Hunting Immortals Over the next few days, Edward draws as much attention to himself as possible by going around town performing flashy alchemy for the citizens of the capital in an attempt to lure Scar out of the shadows.

Presuming that Scar's presence around one of their precious Human Sacrifices will cause the Homunculi to take action, the Elrics have arranged for Ling and Lan Fan to lurk nearby on lookout for the monsters' unique presence. Taking notice of Fullmetal's odd behavior, Colonel Mustang and Lt.

Hawkeye stop by to speak with them, but as the alchemists exchange information, Scar himself appears on the scene and attacks. Explaining their plan, the boys persuade Hawkeye and Mustang not to attack and enlist them in the plan by asking them to keep the Military Police from interfering.

Flame and his adjutant escape while the Elrics engage the Ishvalan murderer. Though teaming up on the Scarred Man with circle-less transmutation, the Elrics remain constantly on the run from Scar's potentially lethal destruction alchemy and while Alphonse instructs some freshly arrived MPs to keep back, Edward finds himself cornered.

On a hasty gamble, Edward once again adopts his opponent's own style of alchemy against him and the deconstructive blows of the two right arms nullify each other, leaving both alchemists unharmed but for their respective right sleeves, which are torn away. However, with Scar's arm exposed, Edward notices a large and ornate tattoo upon the Scarred Man's skin and realizes that the killer before him had been the one who took the lives of Winry's parents.

Ed and Al confront Scar. The battle goes on as Scar continues to press the Elrics with his deadly skills, resulting in a significant deal of damage to the surrounding area and a few injured MPs, but in the meantime, the Elrics wonder why the Homunculi have not yet shown themselves and Ling has not signaled their capture.

Attempting to stall Scar from attacking further so that Ed can regain some of his stamina, Alphonse demands once again of the Ishvalan how he can condemn alchemy as blasphemy and then turn around to use it himself as a justification for murder.

ed and al meet someone from their past fanfic

Al condemns the man himself for murdering the Tuckers in East City, but Scar replies that the alchemy they revere so much had turned Nina into an abomination, never to regain her humanity.

The Elrics are again wracked with the guilt of choosing inaction in the face of their inability to help Nina back to her original state, but counters by saying that Scar's actions have not all been justifiable - that his murder of the Rockbells after they had saved his life is unforgivable. Unfortunately, Winry arrives in the alley at that very moment and, overhearing Ed's remark, expresses her grief over the fact that her parents had been killed by one of their patients.

Scar admits that Winry has every right to shoot him, but remarks that he will consider her an enemy if she pulls the trigger. Edward races to reach Winry before either she or Scar can attack and manages to place himself between them, causing Scar to hesitate at the boy's selflessness. Taking the opportunity, Al attacks Scar and drives him from the area while Edward tends to a badly shaken Winry. As Ed convinces her to drop the gun, Winry sheds confused tears over the fact that she wasn't able to fire at Scar despite his being her parents' murderer as well as a direct threat to her friends' lives, but Ed reminds her that her hands - which delivered a baby in Rush Valley and gave him a new set of limbs - were not meant to take life, but to give it.

Giving her his coat and promising to explain everything about her parents later, Ed hands Winry off to the arriving MPs and heads off to assist Al. As Edward arrives on the scene, however, the group is suddenly joined by the Homunculus Gluttony who attacks Scar and prompts Ed to wonder where Ling is and why he hasn't yet made his move.

Just then, Ling launches himself out from a nearby manhole, grabs Gluttony and shoves a live grenade down the monster's throat as he leaps to safety and commands the Elrics to do the same.

ed and al meet someone from their past fanfic

The grenade goes off with tremendous force, obliterating the upper third of the Homunculus' body. Almost immediately, Gluttony's body begins to re-form and Ling demands a strong metal cable. Edward quickly transmutes a nearby train rail into steel cable and hands it off to Ling, who ties it tightly around Gluttony's rapidly expanding flesh, effectively trapping the creature more thoroughly the more it continues to regenerate. Ling declares the Homunculus captured, in accordance with his promise.