Do laboon and brook meet again in heaven

What order will they achieve their dreams?

Laboon and Brook One Piece Anime, Brooks One Piece, Manga Anime, Set Sail. One Piece . They must go and reunite with laboon! Find this Pin and more on. Brook: To Reunite with Laboon! May We Meet Again: Photo Roronoa Zoro, Luffy X Nami, One Piece Luffy One Piece Wallpaper (do not remove creds) One piece heaven Manga Japan, Comic, One Piece Anime, Otaku, Anime Shows . In what order do you guys expect the Straw Hats to achieve their goals? Brook will reunite with Laboon, who will travel with the straw hats almost every where. 8. . Join Date: Aug ; Location: In the slums of heaven.

He was accepted as a crew member and even aided them when an attack caused a few crew members to fall overboard and no one else could help them. Despite being a crew member, when the Rumbar Pirates decided to go to the Grand Line, they chose to leave Laboon behind because he was just a baby.

However, Laboon refused to leave them and Yorkitheir captain, ordered the others to ignore Laboon. After repairing their ship, the crew finally bid farewell to Laboon, promising him they would return in two or three years, after having traveled all the way around the Grand Line. Fifty Years of Waiting Edit Laboon patiently waited for them at Grand Line's entrance under the care of Crocuswho mans the lighthouse that introduces travelers into the Grand Line. After many years passed by without the return of the Rumbar Pirates, Crocus decided to travel with the Roger Pirates to discover what happened to Laboon's crew.

Upon his return, Crocus told him that his friends had effectively abandoned him by fleeing the Grand Line through the Calm Belt. The old doctor had cared for Laboon ever since his friends left him and tried to make Laboon understand the situation.

Although Laboon knew the truth about his friends, he refused to admit to himself that they were gone. Over the years that would pass, Laboon gained many scars on his head from slamming into Reverse Mountain. He believed that by doing this, he could destroy the mountain and return to the West Blue where his friends would be waiting for him. Launching the cannon in the hopes that it would slow them down, Luffy hit Laboon instead.

After the battle which Luffy called a drawLuffy promised Laboon that he would return to see him, under the guise of wanting a rematch, which moved Laboon to tears of joy.

As a sign of the promise of the future rematch, Luffy painted the Straw Hat Jolly Roger on Laboon's head, commenting that the insignia would wash away if Laboon hit Reverse Mountain further. This prevented Laboon from hitting his head any further.

You're all gonna vanish! Let's go beat Moria awake and get our shadows back! Hurt or not, Moria wouldn't give up that easily," Nami frowned. But no sooner had Lola gave the order did they heard Moria's voice speak up. They turned in time to see him on top of Oz, having pulled himself out of the room in Oz's stomach. Battered and bloodied, but still very much alive and far from beaten. The Rolling pirates freaked at first, but they stood their ground this time. The other Rolling Pirates were also yelling out similar words of anger, just wanting Moria to give back their shadows.

But instead, Moria just laughed at them all when he turned his head to look at them. No true pirate is afraid of death! Doesn't stop him from being a bastard though…" "I don't think anything will," Zoro shrugged, "I mean… that was one horrible night he treated us to.

I can't bring myself to believe that they aligned themselves with you losers of the forest," Moria laughed as he taunted them.

See You Again, an one piece fanfic | FanFiction

So that's how Straw Hat got that power up! How dare you use my own shadow abilities against me like that? I'm going to make you pay!

Brook meets Laboon?! Straw Hats meets school of island whales

Look what you did to my Thriller Bark! Thanks to you, it's been torn apart! If you didn't do that, then they wouldn't have wanted to see you beaten?! Only because you guys started it and got in the way of our journey first! Don't you see that even if I did nothing, your fates are already sealed?!

You aren't anywhere near ready to take on the New World in your state!


The sad truth was that they knew that Moria was right… if they couldn't even survive the entire first half of the Grand Line, they were dead in the water at the second half… what happened at Sabaody was proof of that.

Even as the Rolling Pirates yelled at them that the sun was almost up and they couldn't waste whatever time they had left by talking, they all ignored him as they listened hard to what Moria had to say here. They were known, far and wide… so why?

Moria was half mad, but there was so much sadness, so much need for someone to answer that last question that they just couldn't help but feel sorrow for him. Despite all that he did to them, all that he put them through, they knew the feeling of losing each other. That day they thought they lost each other was a day that none of them wanted to remember… when they really thought that they were all alone once again. I think that he just let that lost control his life," Sanji nodded, "I don't claim to know what happened to them all, but I can only guess that whatever happened must've been horrendous.

But Luffy was looking at Moria with a new empathy in his face, something other than dislike. They couldn't quite figure out what it was, but Moria went on, a new sadness in his words as he cried out, "I lost all my crew simply because they were alive! They can always be replaced if they fall! So that is why with an army of the dead, I will become the king! You brats should be grateful to be helping me create slaves!

But that was quickly gone when Moria's madness seemed to have reached the breaking point. Why… you foolish greenhorns should be happy that your shadows are serving under me! The shadows were continuing to spread, forming a kind of black puppet strings finally being called back to the puppeteer's hands. They knew that at that moment, all the shadows from Thriller Bark were being called to him.

Moria was stealing back every single shadow he ever took and was absorbing them into his body. Moria had been pushed to his breaking point and was now desperately using his powers to give himself time rather than a real answer to defeat them. All that they could do was watch as Moria knelt there on Oz's now empty body as his own eyes glowed a demon's red… "He's taking all the shadows here and he's gathering them all inside him!

Moria's body started to grow larger and darker, much like how Luffy's body did when he took in all one hundred shadows. Well then, how about if I take in… One-hundred! Two-hundred… three-hundred shadows… four-hundred…five-hundred! His neck bloated out, his horns grew, his legs became clawed and elongated… "Six-hundred…" Moria went on, and they realized that he was making it an all or nothing match.

Either he'd win everything, or lose it all.

In this form, Moria's neck had been bloated to extreme proportions, similar as to how a gecko puffed up its throat when threatened. His horns became so long and his hair became so spike-like that they resembled spines. His arms grew larger as his legs grew out so much so that he was now forced onto all fours like an animal.

Their past selves all stared with their eyes wide and full of terror—because at long last the true monster of Thriller Bark had shown himself. As for the Rolling Pirates, when they saw this, it was clear that they had given up all hope.

You could see it in their eyes that they couldn't see any chance of winning now… not only did Moria have the power of a thousand people inside him, the first few rays of the sun were just peeking themselves through the rubble, and shining on the ground. They were all officially out of time, and if they didn't win in the next few minutes then everyone who had their shadow stolen was history. As if to show off just how strong he had become, Moria raised a fist and slammed it into the ground, causing whatever was left of the mansion to start to fall apart but also to nail the island with such force that a deep chasm was created to make it look like the whole place was splitting across.

As the mansion was just falling around their ears, Moria just laughed, his voice making him sound like some kind of demon, "Yes!

Go ahead and run! Run away like the insignificant little mice that you are! I dare you to keep destroying this place!

They had all given up and were running away as fast as they could from this place. But there was still one of them who hadn't run.

She informed them that she was well aware of that, but she claimed that this was her decision. She had to take some responsibility for this resolve.

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She wasn't going to run away anymore… And she pointed to their past selves who continued to stand there, none of them have moved an inch away from their places.

This really showed how much faith they had in each other, and how they were determined to stay together… even if it meant death. For Zoro, Robin, and Sanji, they were in the worst shape since they all knew that if Luffy lost, they were going to die when the sunlight hit them.

But still, they refused to run, they refused to let go of each other. They had complete faith in Luffy, and were willing to bet everything on the line that Luffy would walk away the victor. Wouldn't have much of a future if I let something like that scare me. If you were all willing to risk your lives for me, how could I dare to run?

I couldn't leave even if I wanted to. I could never forgive myself if I did something so cowardly. Usopp's pride seemed to get stuck in his throat. So I was scared! But I didn't run did I?

She claimed that until the match was decided once and for all, she wasn't going to move from that spot. They selfishly called them their hope and dragged them into his mess, and she wasn't going to be someone who would run out on them. She told her crew that if they wanted to run, they should protect their lives, but as the captain, she had to take responsibility. Just as they felt their respect for her rise all over again, a tiny sunbeam hit the side of her head and burn her.

Her crew screamed out in worry for her, but she still stood her ground and refused to move again. Without looked back at them all he said, "Hey, you guys? We're out of time. So I'm gonna get a bit reckless. But there wasn't anything they could do but watch. The rest of them had pushed themselves to their limits and they knew that Luffy was still the only one who had the chance of beating Moria in only a few minutes.

He didn't dare look at any of them though… right now his worst fear was that they would see what happened with him and Kuma. But no, Luffy was still out cold from that battle and had no memory of it… but that didn't mean that they weren't going to see how he looked after that ordeal. He sighed, knowing that he should just count himself lucky that they did make it out of that mess alive. Memory Zoro glanced back at them in annoyance. All that's left is a fight against time itself. Moria's just trying to buy some with that power of his.

Remember how powerful Luffy's Third Gear is, but in these days it cost him his speed? This is much the same way.

Moria lost his speed and couldn't keep up with Luffy. And I think that with all those shadows inside him, he just couldn't contain them.

When Brook reunites with Laboon, the story is going to take a dark turn : OnePiece

Like a dam about to break and release the flood of water… it was just too much for him in the end. There was an odd ringing noise in their ears that they couldn't remember hearing before. He's gonna kill himself if he just keeps pushing himself like this! His body's starting to shut down because it can't take this kind of stress! His body just can't take this! Usopp's hands curled into fists, a part of him just wanted to bash Luffy's head in for going this far.

What was he thinking? How can he get anything done if he gets killed by his own attacks?! Luffy was taking in deep breaths as he tried to master the pain he was obviously in—and the memory seemed to focus a little more, though it was impossible to tell by this point. But Franky said that the scene looked clearer since Moria looked slightly uglier, and he was the one who attacked first with that massive fist that could crush a normal person into dust. But like Robin had said, he was bigger, but that made him slower.

Luffy was easily able to dodge the attack and seemed to disappear. Moria was able to track his movements, but again, his fist missed him completely as Luffy jumped to the wall and clung there even as Moria knocked the wall that Luffy was on down. Like a giant sponge filled with too much water, they began to leak out and into the air. It was clear that Moria was in a lot of pain as he fell backwards. But when Luffy spotted the shadows pouring out of his mouth like that, he seemed to realize what he needed to do.

But Moria seemed to realize the same thing that Usopp said, the shadows were now pouring out of his mouth at a rapid rate, and Luffy was still going at him. He commanded his own shadow to come out, breaking into the bats and swarmed around Luffy once again, all of them mixing together so that they trapped Luffy in a giant, black box.

At the sight of it, everyone looked terrified, most of them clearly thinking the worst—but then Moria raised his clawed foot and began to stomp on it, and when it pulled away they could see a single arm sticking out from the wreckage. There was nothing any of them could say as they watched Moria now panting for breath, the force of all those shadows clearly taking a toll on his body.

You foolish greenhorns… this is what you get for trying to play 'pirate' in such a vast ocean like this! He supposed that it doesn't take much for someone to get that title anymore. But then they saw the broken box twitch, as if something inside was fighting to get out. And then Luffy broke right out of it like a kernel of corn popping. Moria seemed completely taken aback to see that he didn't even look fazed from all that.

Still, Luffy seemed to be in a lot of trouble, they could hear a slight rasping noise from inside his throat as though he was struggling to breath, and his body shook with tremors as though he was fighting to urge to collapse. The static in the memory was worse than ever, as though there was some kind of film over the entire scene and it appeared to be vibrating slightly as the ringing was louder than ever.

But Luffy refused to fall again. When Luffy makes a vow, it was hard not to believe every word he said, even if it sounded impossible. Once he let those words sink in, Moria smirked arrogantly. It only shows how inexperienced you are in the world! All that was left was to see him deliver the final blow and for that last punch to spit out every single shadow that he stole.

They knew that it wasn't the steam that was hurting Luffy, but they couldn't help but feel a little fearful at seeing how much was coming out and the memory just seemed to darken slightly. A few of the Rolling Pirates were touched by it and yelled in pain as the burns appeared on their bodies—there was almost no time left and Luffy knew it.

Perhaps that why he resorted to doing this… Luffy put his thumb in his mouth and bit down hard, and they all felt themselves fell a surge of helplessness go through them when there was nothing they could do. But as soon as he did it, they could hear the disturbing sounds of his muscles being pulled and a strange gargling coming from inside his mouth and knew that he was bleeding internally again.

The ringing was so loud now that they could barely hear anything as the memories became so blurred that they could hardly see anything in in front of them.

Just using one Gear is hard enough, but both at the same time?! It's like he's tearing his body apart from the inside! He had a very good idea as to how much pain Luffy was putting himself through. You could barely move! Even as memory Chopper was screaming at him the whole time. Ignoring them all, he just pumped the steam out worse than ever as he readied himself for another attack. He hit Moria right below his neck and in the stomach, shadows being spewed out as if he was wanting to cough up spit, but he refused to give in to that.

Instead, he covered his mouth with his giant hands to keep anymore from getting out. If he was going to go down, he at least wanted to see them disintegrate before that happened. Through his clamped mouth, the heard him say to all those shadows as if they could hear him, "You think I'll let you go?! The source of my power! Zoro knew what it was though. It was Luffy's heart beating so fast that you'd never have guessed what it was.

Again, he remembered experiencing the exact same thing. He remembered this pain perfectly well, and he wanted nothing more than to tell Luffy not to do something this stupid again when it came to using those techniques, but he was the last person to talk about risking your life for someone else wasn't he?

The sad fact was that he knew that he couldn't stop Luffy even if he tried. Both Luffy and Moria had pushed themselves to their breaking point, and it was only going to be a matter of minutes, if not seconds, before one of them gave up. With their bodies now on the verge of destroying themselves, it was all of a matter who had the weaker will and fell first.

But Lola had enough. She stood her ground and began to call to her shadow as well, trying to beg it to come back to her where it belonged. She called to it, trying to get it to remember who it really was and to please come back to her.

Even as the sun began to burn away half her face, she kept calling, telling everyone that their shadows were right in front of them and were so close to being reunited. Once they realized this, once they began to sense that their shadows were indeed there, they all began to call to them, begging for them to return. They had probably just one more minute left before time ran out.

He grinned as the blood began to drip down even more, and there was fear in Moria's face as he tried to fight the shadows from getting out. By using the same move before, he slammed right into Moria's massive neck, and this time the force was so great that he was knocked backwards, up onto his feet and right into the mansion's tower. The crash was so great that entire structure fall at long last.

Luffy let the air lose from his stomach and flew around like someone let a balloon go. He slipped out of his Second Gear, and he shrunk down to his tiny size once again, but before he hit the ground they saw everything. The giant tower that fell landed right on Moria's massive stomach. The noise was so loud that it made their own heads ring and the blast caused the chain to fall, which they heard it clanking and spinning as the mast fell along with the tower.

There were screams of shock and amazement behind them as they stared, Moria buried under the tower and broken main mast as the shadow burst out of his mouth like a volcano erupting. Like a blackened gunk, it burst out and they could see the forms of hundreds of shadows bursting into the sky like little ghosts and most of them broke free, flying off in all different directions and back to where their owners are waiting for them.

Discover what a true nightmare is… by going to the New World! As soon as they hit them, everyone who had their shadows stolen were already starting to disappear from sight.

Zoro, Robin, Sanji, and Luffy were all starting to disappear right in front of their eyes and the memory faded right after that. The memory completely blackened after that and the ringing stopped. And soon they were out in the open air again and standing by a tiny creek with water rushing by, but no one said a word to each other as they tried to digest what they had seen.

As amazing as that battle was, they were all feeling hurt and sick by what happened. How could that moron do something so dense like that? If we really want to do something… then we have to toughen up and start protecting him instead of forcing him to carry our lives on his back all the time. And we can start by getting him off this stupid island as soon as possible. They glanced up at the sky and they could see that the few stars were slowly blinking out and Nami informed them that it was almost two in the morning.

Does anyone else feel like we have until the sun comes up before we're screwed? Your bodies were disappearing right in front of us and we couldn't think of anything to help you!

I still believe that I saw heaven there for a moment. I'm already in heaven with just having you here, Robin-chan! Once that was out of the way, Nami bent down to Chopper's eye level and asked, "Was Luffy really in as bad of shape that we saw him in? He laid there as still as a corpse, and if it wasn't for the fact that he was breathing, he would've thought for sure that he was dead. He told the others how worried he had been for him. If the enemies that they were going to be facing from that moment on were only going to become stronger and stronger, then Luffy was going to have to keep using those techniques.

If they didn't pull themselves together soon, then…? They all felt the same way. It was strange how they never noticed it before now… but the fact was they had relied on Luffy a lot more than they cared to admit. Somehow without them every noticing it, they forced Luffy to carry their burdens more and more with every battle they were forced to face. But then when the memory returned, they were back in the courtyard, only now it was reduced to even more rubble than it had been in before if that was possible.

There were people lying everywhere, either still out cold or starting to come to. Everyone was a bloody mess, but at least they were still alive… "This…? He didn't wake up until after he left. And he guarded the Sunny for two years didn't he? So… what's his deal? Do you know the pain that I was forced to suffer? You may have all forgiven him! But I certainly won't!

Luffy was moaning a little from a slap of rock that he was resting on like a bed before his eyes opened, looking slightly hazy. He blinked several times before he sat up so quickly that some of them were startled. Soon, his cries of joy woke the other Straw Hat members and they pushed themselves up, looking around just as confused as Luffy had been—but they weren't anywhere near as baffled as seeing Luffy there dancing and laughing like there had been a party going on.

Hey, you're joking right!? He didn't even need rest after that, and with everything that happened, he should've been bedridden for days! How can anyone sleep through a bomb?! As Sanji quickly lit up another cigarette, Brook tried to get them all to laugh at his latest skull joke as Robin glanced back at Zoro and moved back so that she could speak to him privately. Robin smiled, knowing that was just what Sanji said that day too when he found out the truth.

It had been scary at that moment when they thought that they were going to lose him and Luffy… but she knew that Zoro wanted it this way… to remain a secret. A secret that only she, Brook, Sanji and Zoro himself knew about and they all came to the conclusion that no one else was to ever find out about it either. She didn't know what was going through Zoro's mind that day, but she knew that this was just what he wanted.

She knew why they all kept this act a secret all this time… she could picture just what would happen if any of them ever found out the truth… Franky would probably have burst into tears at the very mention of what Zoro was willing to do, and Nami were be horrified at the thought of taking in both his own pain and Luffy's.