Did miss marple and poirot ever meet

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did miss marple and poirot ever meet

Dame Christie was against the characters ever meeting in her as Miss Jane Marple and Monsieur Hercule Poirot, respectively. Still, we can all savour the one time when our Poirot and Marple did get to know each other. In Agatha Christie's mystery novels, several characters cross over different sagas, creating a Hercule Poirot; Miss Marple; Mr Satterthwaite; Parker Pyne; Superintendent Battle How Does Your Garden Grow? 2 episode 3) of Agatha Christie's Marple has Marple meet Tuppence while Tommy is away. She complains about it when she meets her old friend, Sir Henry Clithering after a His son does my business for me now” (“Miss Marple Tells a Story” ).

McGillicuddy is cut from the plot.

Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple should meet. — Agatha Christie

Miss Marple herself sees an apparent murder committed on a train running alongside hers. Likewise, it is Miss Marple herself who poses as a maid to find out the facts of the case, not a young friend of hers who has made a business of it.

did miss marple and poirot ever meet

Actress Joan Hickson who would later play the role of Miss Marple in plays the daily in the household. The music to all four films was composed and conducted by Ron Goodwin and is still played on radio today. The same theme is used on all four films with slight variations on each. The main theme has a distinct s feel to it and is known to be a highly complex piece of music due to the quick playing of the violin. The score was written within a couple of weeks by Goodwin who was approached by Pollock after Pollock had heard about him from Stanley Black.

Black had worked with Pollock on "Stranger in Town" in and had previously used Goodwin as his orchestrator. Rutherford, who was 70 years old when the first film was made, insisted that she wear her own clothes during the filming of the movie, as well as having her real-life husband, Stringer Davisappear alongside her as the character 'Mr Stringer'.

did miss marple and poirot ever meet

The Rutherford films are frequently repeated on television in Germany, and in that country Miss Marple is generally identified with Rutherford's quirky portrayal. Lansbury's Marple was a crisp, intelligent woman who moved stiffly and spoke in clipped tones. Unlike most incarnations of Miss Marple, this one smoked cigarettes. She stated that she would never place them in the same story, unless "I feel a sudden and unexpected urge to do so.

Agatha Christie's Detectives/Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple/Jane Marple

Poirot and Marple met for the first time in for Agatha Christie's centenary celebration in her hometown of Torquay. David Suchet portrayed Poirot at the time he recently finished portraying Poirot on television. Joan Hickson here portrayed Miss Marple, as well as on the television series between Poirot is a professional, not Marple.

Poirot has more help and access to information by being--again--a professional. He has the local police, Scotland Yard, Mr. Goby, and people of influence as recourse. Poirot is in exlusive and popular circles of London.

did miss marple and poirot ever meet

Not Marple; she doesn't go meet people of society and mingle with them. She stays in her village of St. Mary Mead, whereas Poirot travels the world. Of course, Marple has been to the Caribbean on holiday, but Poirot has been to many more cultures because he has the money and means to do so.

He would never have met the Beresford couple, also. Tommy and Tuppence were amateur detectives--why would they work with Poirot?

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The Beresfords also had a family. Poirot and Marple surely belonged to families, but they themselves never married. More on Tommy and Tuppence later Proof of Same Universe Theory So, the question: The answer would be "yes", through linking common facts together like a spider's web or like the famous Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon! Poirot has met and collaborated with Mrs.

did miss marple and poirot ever meet

Ariadne Oliver, the mystery writer, on many occasions. Two more connections can be made between Poirot and Marple, only indirectly.

Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple should meet.

Mary Mead is of course the village where Miss Marple lives although some has dismissed this, saying that there are two villages with same name. Here is another connection: Poirot has met the mysterious financial master Mr. Robinson in Cat Among the Pigeons. Robinson was involved with the goings-on in a hotel Marple was residing in, in At Bertram's Hotel.

Thus, we see that the Beresfords do operate in the same universe as Poirot and Marple do. Tommy does this like he imitated all the other fictional detectives in those adventures. So, it seems that to the Beresfords, as early as the mids, Poirot was a fictional character. We must assume this, because: It is my own opinion, that for everything to fit harmoniously, that Tommy and Tuppence do exist in the same universe as do Poirot, Marple, and Mrs.

However, Agatha Christie herself would have to be included in that "same universe": Imaginary Places Agatha Christie created many towns in her books for a wise purpose: The best and an excellent example is her fictional town of St. Mary Mead, where the spinster lady Miss Jane Marple resides.