Devon and somerset staghounds meet card

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devon and somerset staghounds meet card

It took place on and around Exmoor in Devon and Somerset, England. . MEETING OF THE TIVERTON STAGHOUNDS ON SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER Welcome to The Devon & Somerset Staghounds with the support of the farmers and landowners of the moor have continued to meet 3 times a week during the. The people of Exford, a compact Somerset working village that nestles on This is the home of the Devon and Somerset Staghounds and a number of foxhunting packs are based here or nearby. . "I went to a meeting at which they said about 40 jobs would go but I think in total Paypal and credit card.

Police probe claim of illegal hunting by Quantock Staghounds

Steel Brush possibly did not handle the track at Flete Park last time out following a fair third on seasonal debut at Black Forest Lodge behind the improving Itchymei'mscratch. John Pearn's consistent Commanche Conflict could also make things interesting if reappearing quickly after his run last weekend at Stafford Cross.

Jack Barber has the four year old Clo Sacre who has just the one run to his name at Badbury Rings unseating four out when favourite for the race. Barber also has the unraced French bred four year old Coastal Tiep. Joe Tickle has the six year old Horwood Lad who may build on a promising 2nd last time out Great Trethew for which Limoncello was made favourite but pulled up possibly due to the heavy conditions.

The latter was in the process of running a good race on debut at Charlton Horethorne for Jane Williams and he may appreciate a drier surface. Ed Walker has an interesting newcomer in the five year old Wallabrook who is out of four-time Point winner, Lady Misprint.

He could be worth a look at in the paddock. The Porter Dodson sponsored Mixed Open sees a fascinating contest. All Great N Theory was unlucky to bump into the high-class Carlton Ryan last time having scored facile wins at Bangor and Brocklesby Park earlier in the season for trainer Julie Marles.

He may however not appreciate the drying ground as much as some. Bathwick Scanno, has six Point wins to his name including two at last season at Holnicote within a week. Investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports have passed a file to police with evidence they say shows that the Quantock Staghounds have broken the law. Although the Hunting Act banned the hunting of foxes and wild mammals using dogs, hunting deer without hounds remains legal — deerstalking is said to be growing in popularity.

Staghunting - acigawis

Three traditional hunts continue to chase deer on horseback in Somerset and Devon, helped by hunt followers and quadbikers, and they can involve as many as people. Packs of hounds can still take part in trail hunting, where a sample of animal scent — usually fox or deer urine — is dragged across the countryside for the dogs to follow.

Anti-hunt campaigners claim this is often used as a cover for illegal hunting. Volunteers from the league who monitor the three hunts say that one, the Quantock Staghounds, regularly takes a large pack of hounds to chase a stag and hinds. Fearing public condemnation for their blatant savagery the hunters took steps to hide the kill from public view.

Conservationists trying to film the kill were frequently attacked. Hinds were particularly vulnerable at the end of the hunt. They were pregnant, lacked antlers with which to keep the dogs at bay and often ran beside their previous years calf.

Devon and Somerset Staghounds Incident 29th September 1994

Here is some film taken by Mike Huskisson at the end of a stag hunt in Mike was working undercover, pretending to be a hunt supporter in order to gather proof of the cruelty inherent in hunting.

This film was silent super-8 Cine film: On this occasion the young stag cheated his tormentors of the pleasure of killing him when he tried to jump a hedge, caught his feet on the top and flipped over onto the road, breaking his neck: Vulnerable farming practices can be protected by deer fencing makingn it debatable how much real damage deer cause.

Seventeen out of every twenty deer culled in the west country of England are culled by marksmen whose aim is a quick kill.

devon and somerset staghounds meet card

The remaining three are killed by the hunt whose goal is a protracted kill to have fun. The Burns Inquiry found that stalking is: The humane method of deer population control is through birth control techniques. Humane alternatives The obvious humane alternative to hunting deer for hours on end is to use the same dogs to hunt the scent of a person fleeing or of a trailed rag.

devon and somerset staghounds meet card

Aside from being humane there is none of the mayhem associated with staghunting as the route is controlled.

Deer used to flee anywhere. Into gardens, amongst livestock, over roads etc. At such times the hunt frequently lost control.

devon and somerset staghounds meet card

Pets and livestock could be harassed or killed by rioting dogs. Draghunting could be enhanced to better simulate staghunting with the guile of a man, rather than the terror of the deer, pitted against the Huntsman.

Fearful but defiant, in the village where hunting is a way of life

Clay pigeon shooting, once derided as a poor replacement for shooting live pigeons released from traps, now thrives whilst the latter was banned. Likewise humane hunting, with no animal quarry, would provide a real boost for the rural economy.

devon and somerset staghounds meet card

Recommendation The Hunting Act should be strengthened so that all pursuit of deer with dogs is banned by law. Red deer, as with all mammals in Britain, should be fully protected from unnecessary suffering. The hunters did their best to block or stop the filming to keep the savage cruelty from being seen by the outside world. Hunting like this was banned by the Hunting Act but the hunts now use a variety of exemptions to carry on their brutal pastime -- and they still hunt and kill red deer.

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