Castle and beckett meet fanfiction

When the Castles meet the Becketts Chapter 1, a castle fanfic | FanFiction

castle and beckett meet fanfiction

*spoilers for 3x09, but more AU-ish* I think that Beckett should've met Ashley's parents with Castle. But that's not how it happened. So I wrote. An AU where Kate and Castle meet where they least expect. Immediately follows Johanna Beckett's death. Pre-series. Now complete. Castle - Rated: T - English. A/N: Probably Cause made me sad, so I'm writing a one shot that has absolutely nothing to do with it! Four points of view: Beckett, Jim, Castle.

He turned around on his stool and put his head down on his hands on the kitchen counter. I'm sure that she will fill us in on what happens," Alexis suggested. She and Martha looked at each other and nodded, as if to say, of course.

If at First Try Again CASTLE/BECKETT

Castle picked his head up and looked like he got an idea. You could almost hear the gears turning to turn on the lightbulb. Alexis walked over to her immature father and kissed his cheek. Don't stress for too long. They're just normal people. And then there was one, Castle thought. Within seconds, he was bored out of his mind with the quiet and lack of human company.

He turned and looked around the room, his eyes landing on the phone. Castle smiled and there was only one thing going through his mind. Let's see what Miss Beckett has to do tomorrow night… He strode over to the phone, not once having a doubt, until he got to the phone.

What if she had plans? Or was out with some new guy? He really hoped that it wasn't the latter. He didn't know if he could handle it if she said that she had a date or something. He dialed the number, pressing the buttons before he could wimp out. She eagerly grabbed it; anything to occupy her mind, instead of hours of boring paperwork.

Because that only worked once. Never again will I buy you ice cream when I am within a mile of you. But anyhoo, no, I can buy my own ice cream, thankyouverymuch. No, Ashley's parents want to meet me but they are, like, all serious and boring and sticks in the mud and I don't want to be alone with them.

castle and beckett meet fanfiction

So can you come to dinner and make sure I don't make a complete fool of myself, please? This case has a lot of paperwork, and we still don't know how Marie was killed, so I want to stay here in case we get a lead," Beckett said. Did she want to be there when the most immature adult she knew met his daughter's boyfriend's parents?

That would be awesome to watch. You know that," Castle said. I will have dinner with you and the boring people you don't want to be alone with. This will be amusing. And I will ignore that dig because I really don't want to meet them alone.

I will be at your place at seven with dessert. We will be having homemade cookies. I've seen that Styrofoam temple in your fridge. I don't want to eat anything I make, either.

I need to stay healthy, not dead. She managed to make herself believe that she just wanted to make herself look good for Ashley's parents, not a certain mystery-writer-turned-pathetic-puppy-follower.

She smiled to herself. She stopped thinking that Castle was an annoyance about two months after she met him. Maybe I am in love with him as Lanie so politely pointed out about forty thousand times, she thought. She changed into a comfortable blue top and dark jeans, grabbed her cookies, and left her apartment for Castle's dinner with the kind-of-in-laws.

Fifteen minutes later, she hopped out of a taxi and made her way up to Castle's loft. She knocked on the door. Richard Castle was insanely nervous.

Ashley's parents had shown up at his apartment a few minutes earlier and they were already in an awkward silence. He sat at the table with them in front of him, an empty seat to his left.

castle and beckett meet fanfiction

Beckett would hate being called that. And she's bringing dessert," Rick answered. As if on cue, the doorbell rang.

I brought the cookies that I didn't make," she said. As usual, she was looking effortlessly gorgeous, even in casual clothes. Come in, these are Ashley's parents, Rob and Kathy. She sat down in Rick's chair and pulled it up to the table. He is a foodie at heart.

Meeting Under Different Circumstances Chapter 1, a castle fanfic | FanFiction

But both of them have a past that would make them think twice about their love lives again. Oppositely, her daughter simply doesn't see the appeal. One simple meet becomes the catalyst for a series of events none of them could have foreseen. Castle Summer Ficathon Entry. T - English - Romance - Chapters: For Castleficathon Castle - Rated: In NY Richard Castle receives a phone call that will soon have him in the heart of the bloodiest battle of the conflict at that time.

Unknown to his friends, Castle is a Marine Reservist assigned to the 8th Tank Battalion, who will be in the thick of things. How will this change the dyamics of everyone involved including KB. Six million square miles of ice. The coldest place on Earth. Forty-six countries had competing claims and maintained outposts. There was no regular law enforcement there. Kate Beckett was the lone U.

Marshal assigned to the territory. Inspired by the graphic novels and movie of the same name. For the Castle Summer ficathon Castle - Rated: Knockout by Pen to Paper Writer reviews Kate knew everything about the jetsetters who made the city their own.

But she had a story that would expose a very shady period within a family's dark time. Should she have it printed? Three years earlier Rick had just lost a WBA Heavyweight Championship bout for the title and was now on the road to make it back until he met her Would they make it or would it be a TKO? He is sent to a major mid-air collision in the mid-west and slowly finds things that don't add up. He meets a flight attendant named Kate and that's when things get really weird for him.

He pushes for answers and starts to lose it in the process. Will he accept what he finds? What would have happen if Castle didnt take the duty aboard the Arizona that Fateful day. What would have his and Kate's life been like during the greatest war that this planet ever seen.