Bruce lipton where mind and matter meet

Bruce Lipton: Where Mind and Matter Meet by Edmond Johnsen on Prezi

bruce lipton where mind and matter meet

Recent advances in cellular science are heralding an important evolutionary turning point. For almost fifty years we have held the illusion that our health and fate. Dr. Bruce Lipton: The Biology of Belief – Where Mind and Matter Meet. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, “We can control our lives by controlling our perceptions.”. Related Materials: Summary of “Where Mind & Matter Meet” by Allen Smith; Prezi presentation of “Where Mind & Matter Meet” by Edmond Johnsen. Bruce.

And note that Lipton is not intending this as a metaphor. Science, anatomy and the distinction between poetic metaphor and literal description be damned.

bruce lipton where mind and matter meet

The brain of the cell: According to Lipton, biologists think that the cell nucleus is the brain of the cell. Therefore, scientists are wrong. Yes, the argument is precisely as inept as I make it sound.

Bruce Lipton - The New Biology: Where Mind And Matter Meet - Mutual Responsibility

And for the record: Instead, Lipton thinks the cell membrane is the brain of the cell and yes: Therefore, cell perception and our perception are linked, and since there is a link between perception and belief, there is a link between our beliefs and cell activity. Hence, your beliefs can control your cells, and therefore your DNA, and therefore heal any medical problem you may have that doctors say are of genetic origin.

In particular, we can cure cancer with our beliefs. The Secreton the other hand, is apparently worthy science.

Bruce Lipton has a PhD in developmental biology, despite evidently not grasping the most basic elements of what evolution is. But this is exactly where Lipton's reasoning takes him, when he goes on to deduce the cause of cancer: If a cell doesn't listen to the community's voice, then the cell is not part of the community.

Cancer cells have withdrawn from the community. They're still in there but they're not listening to the voice of the community.

bruce lipton where mind and matter meet

They're doing their own thing. Why would some cells get out of the community? And the answer is why are people homeless? Why are people out of work, or why are people out of work or why are people suffering?

If their community is not supporting them at some point the cells recognize at some point "My God what do I want to be in this for?

Bruce Lipton

This is not a simplification to explain a carefully developed theory grounded in cell biology. This IS the theory. It's an assertion which has simply been presented as fact, and the entire proof relies on the listener accepting the analogy as proof. The brain of the cell[ edit ] He makes it look as if biologists have in fact been searching for an actual "brain of the cell", thus setting up a straw man argument.

Science, he notes, is male dominated; men think with their testes, and that's why scientists concluded that the cell nucleus, full of genetic material like the testes, must be the "brain of the cell".

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Having convinced the audience that scientists believe the nucleus is the brain of the cell, Lipton boldly sets out to demolish that straw man. He argues that this can't possibly be the case, because cells can live for months in a dish after they've had their nucleus taken out, but human bodies die without a brain.

Therefore, scientists are wrong when they claim the nucleus is the brain of the cell.

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Science doesn't, in fact, predict that all chemical reactions will cease as soon as the nucleus is removed. Lipton must have been snoozing when the role of the nucleus and DNA in cell division was being explained.

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The primacy of DNA[ edit ] Having failed to disprove a nonexistent theory, Lipton turns his attention to debunking an even more important non-existent theory: The "Primacy of DNA".