Blue and gold speech meet

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blue and gold speech meet

The full text of William Jenning Bryan's famous “Cross of Gold” speech appears . Conditions have arisen and we are attempting to meet those conditions. With students, entries, and 24 schools participating, organizers say the 37th annual Blue and Gold Speech Contest was as busy and. A blue and gold banquet is a birthday dinner for the Cub Scouting program, They don't need fancy decorations, an elaborate meal, or long boring speeches. On banquet night, meet guests at the door, furnish them with a name tag, and.

Just like in Hogwarts, the school with the most combined points from its students takes home the team sweepstakes trophy. Worthington's longtime rival, St.

Peter, dominated the competition. Peter students taking home a trophy in eight of the 13 categories, they ended up with points as a group, easily besting the second place Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 50 points. In third place was a two-way tie between Worthington High School and Murray County Central 47 points and Minneota took home fourth 42 points. However, Worthington coach Linda Neugebauer told the packed gym that the host team would not be taking home a trophy, so Murray County Central was awarded third.

For Worthington, Ben Lopez was the sole first place finisher for his performance in Humorous Interpretation.

Trojans host successful speech meet

Other Worthington students honored include Theodore Stewart with a red ribbon in discussion, Stephanie Lowry with a blue ribbon in dramatic interpretation, Mariel Castenada with fifth place in extemporaneous reading, Samuel Van Westen with sixth place in humorous interpretation, Ashley Noeremberg with a blue ribbon and Mike Martinez with third place in poetry reading and Mathias Johnson with a blue ribbon in storytelling.

Neugebauer — who co-coaches the team with Brandon Caster — said she was impressed by how many points the team took home, despite losing many seniors who carried the team to victory last year.

blue and gold speech meet

Neugebauer gave her team instructions to help clean up the mess and get the building back into shape for the inevitable upcoming regular school day. First place finishers in each category were: After speeches on the subject by several U.

Senators, Bryan rose to speak. The thirty-six-year-old former Congressman from Nebraska aspired to be the Democratic nominee for president, and he had been skillfully, but quietly, building support for himself among the delegates.

His dramatic speaking style and rhetoric roused the crowd to a frenzy. The audio portion is an excerpt.

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In recording technology was in its infancy, and recording a political convention would have been impossible. In 25 years after the original speechhe recorded portions of the speech for Gennett Records in Richmond, Indiana. Although the recording does not capture the power and drama of the original address, it does allow us to hear Bryan delivering this famous speech.

Your browser is unable to play the audio element. Try updating to the latest version of your browser. I would be presumptuous, indeed, to present myself against the distinguished gentlemen to whom you have listened if this were but a measuring of ability; but this is not a contest among persons.

North Platte High School hosts students at speech contest

The humblest citizen in all the land when clad in the armor of a righteous cause is stronger than all the whole hosts of error that they can bring. I come to speak to you in defense of a cause as holy as the cause of liberty—the cause of humanity.

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When this debate is concluded, a motion will be made to lay upon the table the resolution offered in commendation of the administration and also the resolution in condemnation of the administration.

I shall object to bringing this question down to a level of persons. The individual is but an atom; he is born, he acts, he dies; but principles are eternal; and this has been a contest of principle.

Never before in the history of this country has there been witnessed such a contest as that through which we have passed. Never before in the history of American politics has a great issue been fought out as this issue has been by the voters themselves. On the 4th of March,a few Democrats, most of them members of Congress, issued an address to the Democrats of the nation asserting that the money question was the paramount issue of the hour; asserting also the right of a majority of the Democratic Party to control the position of the party on this paramount issue; concluding with the request that all believers in free coinage of silver in the Democratic Party should organize and take charge of and control the policy of the Democratic Party.

Three months later, at Memphis, an organization was perfected, and the silver Democrats went forth openly and boldly and courageously proclaiming their belief and declaring that if successful they would crystallize in a platform the declaration which they had made; and then began the conflict with a zeal approaching the zeal which inspired the crusaders who followed Peter the Hermit.

Our silver Democrats went forth from victory unto victory, until they are assembled now, not to discuss, not to debate, but to enter up the judgment rendered by the plain people of this country. But in this contest, brother has been arrayed against brother, and father against son.

The warmest ties of love and acquaintance and association have been disregarded. Old leaders have been cast aside when they refused to give expression to the sentiments of those whom they would lead, and new leaders have sprung up to give direction to this cause of freedom. Thus has the contest been waged, and we have assembled here under as binding and solemn instructions as were ever fastened upon the representatives of a people. We do not come as individuals. Why, as individuals we might have been glad to compliment the gentleman from New York [Senator Hill], but we knew that the people for whom we speak would never be willing to put him in a position where he could thwart the will of the Democratic Party.

I say it was not a question of persons; it was a question of principle; and it is not with gladness, my friends, that we find ourselves brought into conflict with those who are now arrayed on the other side. The gentleman who just preceded me [Governor Russell] spoke of the old state of Massachusetts. Let me assure him that not one person in all this convention entertains the least hostility to the people of the state of Massachusetts.

But we stand here representing people who are the equals before the law of the largest cities in the state of Massachusetts. When you come before us and tell us that we shall disturb your business interests, we reply that you have disturbed our business interests by your action. We say to you that you have made too limited in its application the definition of a businessman.

The man who is employed for wages is as much a businessman as his employer.

blue and gold speech meet

The attorney in a country town is as much a businessman as the corporation counsel in a great metropolis. The merchant at the crossroads store is as much a businessman as the merchant of New York. The farmer who goes forth in the morning and toils all day, begins in the spring and toils all summer, and by the application of brain and muscle to the natural resources of this country creates wealth, is as much a businessman as the man who goes upon the Board of Trade and bets upon the price of grain.

The miners who go 1, feet into the earth or climb 2, feet upon the cliffs and bring forth from their hiding places the precious metals to be poured in the channels of trade are as much businessmen as the few financial magnates who in a backroom corner the money of the world. We come to speak for this broader class of businessmen. It is for these that we speak. We do not come as aggressors. Our war is not a war of conquest. We are fighting in the defense of our homes, our families, and posterity.

We have petitioned, and our petitions have been scorned. We have entreated, and our entreaties have been disregarded. We have begged, and they have mocked when our calamity came. We beg no longer; we entreat no more; we petition no more. The gentleman from Wisconsin has said he fears a Robespierre. My friend, in this land of the free you need fear no tyrant who will spring up from among the people.

What we need is an Andrew Jackson to stand as Jackson stood, against the encroachments of aggregated wealth. They tell us that this platform was made to catch votes. We reply to them that changing conditions make new issues; that the principles upon which rest Democracy are as everlasting as the hills; but that they must be applied to new conditions as they arise.

Conditions have arisen and we are attempting to meet those conditions.

North Platte High School hosts 700 students at speech contest

They tell us that the income tax ought not to be brought in here; that is not a new idea. They criticize us for our criticism of the Supreme Court of the United States. My friends, we have made no criticism. We have simply called attention to what you know. If you want criticisms, read the dissenting opinions of the Court.

That will give you criticisms.

blue and gold speech meet

They say we passed an unconstitutional law. The income tax was not unconstitutional when it was passed. It was not unconstitutional when it went before the Supreme Court for the first time.

It did not become unconstitutional until one judge changed his mind; and we cannot be expected to know when a judge will change his mind.

blue and gold speech meet

The income tax is a just law. It simply intends to put the burdens of government justly upon the backs of the people. I am in favor of an income tax. When I find a man who is not willing to pay his share of the burden of the government which protects him, I find a man who is unworthy to enjoy the blessings of a government like ours.

He says that we are opposing the national bank currency. If you will read what Thomas Benton said, you will find that he said that in searching history he could find but one parallel to Andrew Jackson.