Benny and joon traffic scene meet

benny and joon traffic scene meet

Jeremiah Chechlik's film, Benny & Joon is the story of Joon (Mary Stuart When she leaves the house with a ping-pong paddle and scuba mask to direct traffic, however, this is She's met someone who “gets” her. In a truly heartbreaking scene, Sam watches Joon pace the bus and scream until. The movie Benny and Joon tells the story of adult siblings, Benny and his Joon exhibits disorganized behavior when she is seen directing traffic in a In any scene where Joon was shown riding in a car, she was shown wearing a helmet. CPNP Annual Meeting · BCPP Resources · CPNP University · The. Behind the Scenes: Johnny Depp in "Benny & Joon". [post ]. As you've probably noticed, the special features that come with DVDs these.

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Maybe someday we can get him to tell our blog readers about his experiences working on these movies! So here are the specially featured morsels I have for you.

benny and joon traffic scene meet

In this first one, cinematographer John Schwartzman has some interesting things to say about experiments with camera speed. You might want to skip the second part because he's rambling on about other stuff while we watch Depp practice with his dinner rolls.

The next four are from the commentary track by the director, Jeremiah S.

Movies in the Classroom: Benny and Joon

The diner scene, with those dancing rolls in action: In case you missed it, Chechik points out that Dan Kamin is the customer sitting to our right in the three-plate sequence.

He has a penchant for horrible slasher films, which he memorizes word for word, and has an almost sixth sense when it comes to knowing film trivia. He also has a charming little Chaplinesque physical comedy routine going, complete with top hat, baggy trousers, and cane. His presence in the house has a calming effect on Joon, and her whole demeanor changes. Sam and Joon are kindred spirits.

benny and joon traffic scene meet

Sam allows Joon to ease up on her routine, takes her out of the house where Benny keeps her trapped and isolatedrunning little errands, socializing, basically integrating her into society in little baby steps.

Joon directs traffic with a ping pong paddle So, for a short time everything is hunky dory. When they break the news to Benny, it sends him into a rage. He tells Sam to get out of the house being homeless, he just ends up living in a tree in their front yard…and tells Joon he wants her to live in the group home. He turns all protector father figure, and Joon rebels as would any teenage girl.

She starts crying and screaming, and her episode forces the driver to get everyone off the bus and call the paramedics. In a truly heartbreaking scene, Sam watches Joon pace the bus and scream until the paramedics escort her off and take her to a psych ward.

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She refuses to see anyone, yet Benny and Sam manage to break into the ward. Benny agrees not to put Joon in a group home but have her live in her own apartment conveniently managed by his now-girlfriend, Ruthie with Sam. The credits roll with Sam and Joon making little grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron! She just needs a boyfriend! In addition, many mental illnesses frequently align with other psychiatric comorbidities which may be a possibility for Joon.

benny and joon traffic scene meet

The struggle that those with mental illness and their caregivers face regarding autonomy in decision-making is also portrayed in Benny and Joon. While a group home may be the best option for some patients, it is clear in the film that this was not something that Joon wanted.

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However, it is only at the end of the movie that Benny consults Joon about where she would like to live and allows her to have autonomy over her own decisions. This eventually laid the foundation that allowed her to move into her own apartment. When Sam first came to live with Benny, he said that Joon seemed pretty normal and inquired about how sick she really was.

benny and joon traffic scene meet