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alvin and the chipmunks meet the wolfman

In this spooky feature-length movie, Alvin, Simon and Theodore stage a production of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and things get seriously creepy! Starring: Ross Bagdasarian Jr., Janice Karman, Maurice LaMarche. Genres: Animation, Children & Family Movies, Animal Tales, Comedies. Daily updates! All movies and videos available in Full-HD and more formats Divx, DvD, ipod/ipad/pda. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein DVD-rip. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman () on IMDb: Movies, Tv, September 8th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include The Editor, Shocker, Friday the 13th a full moon can give birth to horrendous monsters who rip people apart not for.

The Chipmunks and Miles rest, and he reveals that his dad left him when he was five years old. They raise money to take a bus to New Orleansand sing " Uptown Funk " at the Mardi Gras parade, which gets the attention of Dave when it is broadcast on live television and allows for the Chipmunks to cause Suggs, who has followed them to New Orleans, to get drunk on moonshine.

When they get there, Alvin reveals that he stole the ring from the container, thus ruining the proposal. However, Miles had bonded with the Chipmunks and was upset that they were celebrating over this. He crosses the street with his headphones on and is almost hit by a car, but the Chipmunks swing Theodore and push Miles out of the way, saving his life.

Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman

They agree to give the ring back. During the dinner, Suggs catches up with the Chipmunks, but they trap him in an elevator. Miles and the Chipmunks return the ring to Dave, who reveals he never intended to propose to Samantha for the time being, and the ring belonged to his friend Barry, who is proposing to his girlfriend, Alice. Dave is very disappointed in the Chipmunks, so they try to make it up to him by singing a new song to him at the launch party with the help of the Chipettes, Ashley and Miles.

Having forgiven them, Dave returns home with the Chipmunks and takes them to a courthouse, where he officially adopts them. Dave says that nothing could ruin his day, but after he returns home, he sees that the boys had destroyed everything.

He then screams "Alvin! In a mid-credits sceneSuggs has escaped the elevator and decides to relax by the pool. Since he refuses to move, two security guards carry him out of the hotel. To boost his self-esteem, they decide to have Theodore replace the role. Meanwhile, Alvin and Simon are out in search of proof of werewolves Munks on a Mission. Meanwhile, no one believes that Theodore is scary enough to play the role of Mr. However, that all changes after he gets bit by a large dog later finding out it was a werewolf on his way home after giving a necklace as a gift to Eleanor, whom he is harboring a secret crush on.

The next day at the rehearsal, Theodore does an extremely terrifying impression of Mr. Despite this triumph, Theodore's personality continues to drastically change, becoming more vicious and mean. With their brother now a werewolf, Alvin and Simon search for a way to help Theodore and save the school play without Dave finding out the truth Monster Out in You.

Despite their best efforts, they find no solution.

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They eventually decide to take up some advice from known psychic Madame Raya. She says that Theodore is already close to the animal state and will turn into a werewolf soon enough. Simon and Alvin ask her if there is any way to cure him. She suggests knocking him out with a silver cane while he is still a "puppy" before the next full moon when the transformation will be complete. Heeding this advice, Alvin breaks into Mr. Talbot's home and steals his silver cane.

However, as he runs away with it, he knocks into Dave.

Alvin & The Chipmunks Meet The Wolfman

That night, Dave goes to see Mr. Talbot to apologize and explain everything to him. However, during the conversation, the full moon rises and he transforms into a werewolf.

Terrified, Dave runs to the school to warn the boys. However, he runs into a pole, knocking him unconscious. Having followed Dave to the school, Mr. Talbot makes his way inside.

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During the play, Theodore changes into a werewolf while on set and starts to attack Eleanor.