Adventure time finn and fiona meet episode guide

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adventure time finn and fiona meet episode guide

Adventure Time is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network. The series follows the adventures of Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada), , 12, "Fionna and Cake and Fionna", Elizabeth Ito, Hanna K. Nyström & Aleks Sennwald, July 19, (), , The cube world is the 1st episode of the 4th season Two cubes in the land of Ooo take Finn to the land of Aaa. Finn and Jake meet a dying frog-turned gnome knight who is bestowed upon three . In this gender-swapped episode, Fionna and Cake fight the evil Ice Queen.

Allegri even re-rerecorded the show's theme—which had originally been sung by series creator Pendleton Ward —for the episode. The second act of the story featured Gumball and Fionna going on a date in a restaurant, rather than on an adventure. Sugar also wrote several lines for Marshall Lee—Marceline's male counterpart—but they were cut for time.

Sugar "begged" Ward to let her work the character back into the story somehow, but the character only appeared in a non-speaking cameo. The Brave and the Bold at the time. The episode was viewed by 3. It also marked a 42 percent increase in viewers when compared to a year earlier. At the time, this made "Fionna and Cake" the highest-rated entry of the series.

Furthermore, he applauded the song "Oh Fionna", calling it "wonderful". He felt that Fionna's characterization appealed to the show's universality and managed to also retain respect for the show's audience. Club called the "Fionna and Cake" one of "the most fascinating aspects of the Adventure Time craze" in a review of the fifth season episode "Bad Little Boy". He wrote that "'Fionna and Cake' was reminiscent of the series' earlier episodes, in regards to its bright animation, well-paced plot, music, its successful blend of fantasy action and comedy, and its focus on character-based drama.

Sava noted that although the characters had, at the time, appeared in only a single episode, they had rapidly become among the series' most popular characters. Fionna thinks that they need faster transportation to the Ice Kingdom and Finn agrees but wonders how they will accomplish this. Jake brings up finding Lady Rainicorn to take them there. Finn thinks it's a great idea and they all go to Lady's house where they find her with Lord Monochromicorn.

Then Fionna tells Lord Monochromicorn that maybe he and Lady Rainicorn can both take them there since they're friends. Lord Monochromicorn agrees and charms Lady Rainicorn a little then Cake and Jake get even more jealous. Ice King shows off Ice Queen to all of them and saying she his queen.

adventure time finn and fiona meet episode guide

Ice Queen gets annoyed and says "For the last time I'm not 'your' queen". Finn then realizes that has met Ice Queen before in the crystal dimension and before he met Fionna and Cake. Then Finn then tells a story of when he and Jake met Ice Queen and how he fought her. Then Fionna and Cake hear voices screaming their names. Then Finn declared that they would save them from those two.

Then the scene changes to outside of the Ice Kingdom with Marshal Lee and Marceline talking with each other. Marceline hears Finn's voice from a distance from where she and Marshal Lee are. Marceline decides to go investigate where the noise came from and takes Marshal Lee with her. Marceline finds Finn and talks with him to figure out what's going on.

Finn notices another vampire with Marceline and asks who's with her.

adventure time finn and fiona meet episode guide

Marshal Lee talks with Marceline and says "it's cool". Fionna notices Marshal Lee then asks him why he's here and Marshal Lee explains that he came here with Marceline. Telling Fionna that there is another vampire she knows she was his opposite. Fionna meets Marceline then Marceline tells her that Marshal Lee told her that she gets pranked a lot and thinks it's funny. Telling Fionna that, she becomes angry and yells at Marshal Lee for telling Marceline about his embarrassing pranking.

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Issue 5

Then Finn tells Fionna to wait and says he has an idea. Ice Queen begins the battle with a zap of her ice powers. Fionna is antsy to fight Ice King who seems to be ignoring her and seems to make her upset with him.

Fionna, even more upset with Ice King, run toward him ready to attack, but Ice King cheats and freezes Fionna's feet. Then Ice King, of course, starts to hit on Fionna. Cake tells Marceline to use her as a weapon in her morning star mode. Marceline grabs Cake by her tail, spins her around, and then punches Ice King right in the kisser!

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Finn, Jake, and Marshal Lee are impressed by the girls' skills. Cake check on Fionna to see if she's okay and then tells her to break the ice that Ice King froze her feet with. Thinking, Fionna remembered she had her sword with her. She pulls out her sword and threatens to beat up the Ice King with it with Marceline and Cake to back her up. Finn and Jake beg Marshal Lee for help on this mission. As their treks begin, Fionna tells Cake that if she finds Finn, she will stay in Ooo forever.

In a menacing scene, The Lich sings "Be Prepared".

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But Cake doesn't have exact change. The driver says "Eh, close enough". Soon, news of The Lich's advance reaches the Candy Kingdom. Princess Bubblegum is informed by Peppermint Butler of the news. Princess Bubblegum's orders the total mobilization of the Candy Army.

Soon, the Army mobilizes. They pass the Graveyard, where Starchy is digging new graves. They ask him questions regarding Fionna. Soon enough, Marshall Lee appears at the mention of his name. They are immediately met with a view of The Lich's Army. In the distance, she see's Finn. Her immediate incentive is to run for it.