10 and 11 meet the war doctor big

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10 and 11 meet the war doctor big

It's only in the final 20 minutes that Matt Smith's 11th Doctor steps back and the 10th and 11th Doctors prove to be a very funny double act. David Tennant gets the biggest laugh of the special when, in response to the War Doctor's . it means to be the Doctor, as the eighth incarnation meets his end in a. As the Doctor is a time traveller he does indeed meet himself every recently aired with Doctors 10 and 11 as well as the "War Doctor". The Fifth Doctor continues to believe the Tenth doctor as his "biggest fan" despite the. Screen capturing reveals some images showing companions who never met in . Big Good: The Moment brings the 10th, 11th and War Doctors together and.

Later in the episode, Osgood sneaks back into the Undergallery, and this trope again comes into play when she peers through the painting to check if the coast is clear. Putting a whole planet inside a Stasis Cube? Don't be silly, it would take hundreds and hundreds of years of calculations and at least a dozen TARDISes working in concert.

There's only one left because the others are all gone and lost during the war or eaten by House. Cue a reunion of twelve incarnations of the Doctor All thirteen Doctors join forces to save Gallifrey from destruction, with the 1st Doctor leading the charge after the main three are in place.

10 and 11 meet the war doctor big

Sorry about the Dalek. Also the showing off. The Moment brings the 10th, 11th and War Doctors together and leads them towards the third option of saving Gallifrey and ending the Last Great Time War with less bloodshed than she herself can manage.

He immediately has a determined look on his face and activates the " extend " feature on his own. The Twelfth Doctor's first canonical appearance is a pair of these drawn into an admittedly rather scary death glare.

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The War Doctor is initially disappointed that the Moment didn't feature one, although "she" eventually makes an extremely fancy one up for him. Ten tries to do this with a Zygon impersonating Queen Elizabeth by proposing to her. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize that his shapeshifter detection device was being set off by the horse, meaning he ends up married to the Queen of England.

He then does this to a rabbit, giving a speech about how he's The Dreadedonly to realize it's actually just a rabbit. He tries it again in the Tower of London, listing all the unflattering reasons he believes the Queen is the Zygon imposter Only for her to reveal she killed the imposter back in the forest and has been impersonating it ever since.

The episode begins with a policeman walking past a sign for IM Foreman's scrapyard, which occurred at the start of the first episode in The 1st Doctor's original human companions were teachers at Coal Hill School.

At the start of the episode, Clara is now a teacher at Coal Hill. Chesterton is now the Chairman of the Governors, confirming what Sarah Jane Smith said about how long-lived Ian and Barbara are now supposed to be.

War Doctor

Coburn is seen on the same sign, which is considered a shout out to the writer of the first episode, Anthony Coburn, and Waris Hussein, director of the first serials. Assuming that Nine retained any memory of the Moment's manifestation as Billie Piper, and was drawn to Rose for that reason, then Rose and Ace are Book-Ends for the year hiatus. Both the first companion of the revived series and the last companion of the classic were introduced to the Doctor through the machinations of a powerful destructive entity that manipulates space-time and moves people through it to advance a veiled agenda.

The War Doctor proclaimed that he's a Doctor no more, and the special ends with him reclaiming the title of Doctor. In her first scene here, she mentions that the ravens at the Tower are robots, meaning that claim could've been more serious than we thought At one point the War Doctor accuses Ten and Eleven of acting like children, as though they are ashamed of growing up.

When the Doctors announce their plan to the War Council of Gallifrey, Ten says, "We're stationed at equidistant intervals around the globe. The War Doctor is initially disgusted by Ten and Eleven's use of it, timey-wimey? The Zygons, who hadn't been seen onscreen since " Terror of the Zygons " in that's 38 years for those keeping score. Although they were mentioned in " The Power of Three ". Kate Stewart, last seen in " The Power of Three ". Every Doctor appears near the very end. Tom Baker returns to the show for the first time since " Logopolis "albeit playing a different character.

Coal Hill School, the setting for the very first episode inas well as the 25th anniversary story " Remembrance of the Daleks ", is reintroduced to the series. Multiple previous events are discussed or serve as plot points.

The Doctor mentioned having been present at the fall of Arcadia in " Doomsday ". He refused to leave her, letting himself die with her as the ship smashed into Karn's surface.

10 and 11 meet the war doctor big

However, he was revived by the Sisterhood of Karnwho offered him the ability to control his regeneration and become the person he needed to be in order to end the Time War. Initially, he refused, but after seeing Cass' corpse, on top of the many other tragedies of the Time War, the Doctor's spirit finally broke.

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Accepting their help, he drank a specially-made formula of the Elixir of Life and regenerated into the warrior the Time War needed. The new Doctor promptly rejected his name, declaring, as he picked up and donned Cass' bandoleer, "Doctor no more", TV: The Night of the Doctor renaming himself "the Warrior" for a time. The Day of the Doctor and referred to him as "the Predator". The Doctor constructed a machine that would fire pulses of pure reason at the creature to defeat it.

The Sisterhood was then struck by a stream of pure chaos, leading the Loshann to be hit by the spores of the Morlontoa.

10 and 11 meet the war doctor big

They were quickly inverted, turned into monsters and attacked. The War Doctor begins to regenerate after leaving. Hinting that the plan worked, the gallery's curator reveals to the Eleventh Doctor that one of the three-dimensional paintings is called Gallifrey Falls No More.

The Eleventh Doctor decides to find Gallifrey. Continuity[ edit ] As the show's 50th anniversary special, the episode contains a multitude of references to previous episodes. It opens with the title sequence and theme arrangement used at the series' debut in Echoing the opening of " An Unearthly Child ", the first episode of the first Doctor Who seriala policeman is shown walking past the sign for I.

Foreman, the scrap merchant in whose yard the TARDIS was located, and its first few seconds are in monochrome as had been the case in The Two Doctorsthe last time more than one Doctor had featured in an official story.

Coal Hill Schoolwhich the Doctor's granddaughter Susan Foreman attended when they were on Earth in in the very first story, also featured in the serial Remembrance of the Daleks.

The Day of the Doctor

According to the school sign, the chairman of the school governors is now Ian Chestertonone of the First Doctor's original three companions and a science teacher at the school, and the headmaster is W. Lethbridge-Stewart was a central character in the Third Doctor 's era and also several of his successors', originally appearing in the Second Doctor serial The Web of Fear and making his last appearance in Doctor Who in Seventh Doctor serial Battlefieldwhich is also referenced.

An image of the Brigadier is seen alongside images of various companions of the Doctor.