Ntr press meet about nania

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ntr press meet about nania

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  • The Straits Times, 28 March 1908
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ntr press meet about nania

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ntr press meet about nania

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ntr press meet about nania

Pacini Tea company's warehouse a cord lire, miifTl. Tlhe Rentlnel members c. The fat to meat content is specially prepared for flame grilling, indeed, the secret recipe is enhanced by the smokiness of the grill. Add in the range of rubs from Greek recipe to Piri Piri, kebabs made to your personal preference, their selection packs including mix and match offers and you have everything you need from this one lovely farm shop.

Their impressive counter display features the inventive and unusual with a fabulous range for the barbecue. Try a beef truffle - a beef burger with chimichurri sauce, mozzarella, spring and red onion which gives a melting middle once cooked. And with 30 different rubs and marinades available, gluten free sausages and burgers and even a slimming world sausage, you really are spoilt for choice. The interiors have been designed by London-based Kathryn Mazure-Hudson, and, as for the exterior?

ntr press meet about nania

Well, we spotted the large outside terrace as we headed upstairs for dinner — and it could possibly be the best kept secret in the Golden Triangle. We were especially looking forward to our meal as we had just found out that Daniel will be appearing on the brand new series of The Great British Menu on BBC2 later this year, following in the footsteps of Richard Bainbridge of Benedicts he who did so triumphantly well last year. At WSS, Daniel has been commissioned to contribute classic dishes with a modern twist - a seasonal approach with fresh fruit and veg grown on their very own farm, locally-sourced meat and fish, artisan breads baked twice daily on site and ice creams made from scratch.

For starter options read small plates. The fritters came in a bowl lined with logoed Warwick St Social greaseproof paper — a nice touch, I thought.

Special mention goes to the onion rings, which would, quite frankly, run rings around any other onion rings you might eat on a Friday night with your fish and chips. So it came as a great relief when she declared the pork — which looked like two savoury custard cream slices arranged on the plate - was the best she had tasted. Thankfully, there were no complaints about the saffron potatoes from the other end of the table.

The meringue slates reminded me of The Shard in London, rising up, as they did, out of the very creamy concoction below. Just for the time being, at least. The pub, which dates back to the 17th century, is blessed with a south facing, sunny garden which is sheltered on all sides. While the garden is a beautiful suntrap in the day-time, it becomes magical in the evening, with candlelight and the stars combining to light the patio area in a romantic glow.

ntr press meet about nania

The owners, Berni Morritt and Sandy Butcher, take immense pride in serving all things Norfolk in their award-winning pub and, with the recruitment of rising culinary star Simon Haynes, they have a third disciple to their cause.

The pub, which has been picking up awards since Berni and Sandy took charge a decade ago, is now upping the ante. A new chef has been recruited: Simon, formerly of Titchwell Manor, and also with experience of working in a kitchen that went from no rosettes to two. We had to do something different.

NewspaperSG - The Straits Times, 28 March

I had a simple opening question: I learnt a lot at Titchwell, but this is a whole different game and I am looking forward to introducing my style of cooking.

Will it be lots of foam, smoke and kitchen wizardry? I will use some of the techniques because they allow you to cook with consistency, but the menu will reflect the ethos - local, sustainable and fresh produce, cooked beautifully.