My boyfriend is indecisive about our relationship

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my boyfriend is indecisive about our relationship

Do you want to learn more about a current relationship? What are some good ways for an indecisive person to develop more concise. The Indecisive Lover. Having a hard Can I Trust My Gut to Know I've Found My True Love When do you know it's time to end an unsatisfying relationship?. A friend was excited when her boyfriend said that he was taking her away indecisive about you or the possibility of a relationship, let them.

Needless to say, about a year ago I started to think "what if So I decided to hang out with the girl I was previously dating. We really hit it off - just as we did when we were dating.

My only problem is that she's considerably 3 years younger than I am, and just starting college. While three years might not seem like a lot, I act like I'm 30 - so it feels like a bit of an age gap, which I find to sometimes be a let down due to the lack of intelligent conversation.

My girlfriend and I can talk from dusk till dawn, spouting off ideas from great philosophers, politicians, and other historical jokers. Yet, I come to find the mindless time I feel like I'm having with the girl I was previously dating to be exciting and exhilarating! Hanging out with the girl I was dating feels like a breath of fresh air to me. I'm at the point where I feel like I'm emotionally attached to the girl I was dating and absolutely detached from my girlfriend.

I wanted to ask you folks for advice because at this point, I don't know whether I should stick around with my girlfriend, on the terms that this is all some sort of phase, or I should break it off and be with the girl that I was previously dating, who makes me feel like I'm living my early twenties to the fullest regardless of being able to converse on a "higher" level. I've been reluctant to make a decision, mainly because I'm living with my girlfriend and she doesn't have any family or close friends in the area, so she has to depend on me for a lot not to say that I don't depend on her for some things.

Even though this is a bad time to deal with this situation with the holidays and the fact that we're going on a big vacation very soon - I'm starting to think there is really never a good time.

You don't sound like you're 30, you sound like a pretentious 20 year old. My usual rule is this: If you have to ask, then yes you should break it off.

my boyfriend is indecisive about our relationship

Especially since you're so young. I can tell from the way you described it you'll have major regrets later. However, in my completely honest opinion, both your current and your next potential relationship are doomed. The current one because you've got certified wandering eye, and the second because a you broke up with her once, and b you think she's a moron. One of you will get tired of it eventually.

And that's assuming the ex will want another go at it. So yeah, break it off.

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Does your current girlfriend know you've been spending the last year hanging with your ex? In all honesty, you sound as young as you are. In other words, you are young, you don't want to marry, and you probably have a few breakups more to go through.

If your main reason for sticking with your girlfriend is that she doesn't have close friends or family in the area, and depends on you for a lot, then end it.

my boyfriend is indecisive about our relationship

She will be fine and is unlikely to want you to stay with her out of a sense of pity. I act like I'm 30 When you're 30, look back at your early 20s and see if you still believe that.

I act like I'm 30 - so it feels like a bit of an age gap, which I find to sometimes be a let down due to the lack of intelligent conversation. In my experience, and YMMV over the years, people who are 30 talk about jobs, commuting, spouses, kids, pets. Perhaps you need to re-examine your self-awareness before you make the type of decisions you are contemplating.

Perhaps you need to get out there and play the field for a while?

my boyfriend is indecisive about our relationship

It doesn't sound to me like you're ready to commit, which is what 30 year olds tend to want. Good luck to you! Break it off and give her a chance to find someone who won't hang out with his ex behind her back. That said, I completely agree with what's already said. You don't sound like you're 30, you don't even sound like you're in your mid's yet. You sound young and like someone who wants to play the field and get some more life experiences.

Is there anything wrong with that? No, not as long as you do so without leading some poor girl along thinking that you are dedicated to her and that your relationship is going somewhere. No one gets married thinking "hm, I'm not sure about this". Yes, there's no good time. And if you're not getting along, the vacation is going to stink.

Having said that, what exactly do people in their 30's sound like in your mind? The somethings I know talk about minivans, diapers and which teachers at their kids' school are nice and which ones are crazy. Being old er has nothing to do with being intellectual - I am living proof of being old and vapid.

I don't know what that even means, and neither do any of you.

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The problem is that you guys are living together, and in doing that you've made a commitment from which it will be difficult to unilaterally extract yourself. Perhaps she also misses the spark? If you are "best friends" then this should be something you can feel comfortable communicating to each other. Also, exes are always bad news; there's a reason you guys broke up in the first place.

If you do break it off with your girlfriend, do the other girl a favor and don't jump into a relationship with her. You already dumped her once to see someone else. Don't rope her in only to dump her again because she was your rebound. Maybe that breath of fresh air is the spark that's lost.

Maybe it's something else.

my boyfriend is indecisive about our relationship

Regardless, if you're young and the spark's already gone, it's time to get out. Hopefully you can keep the friendship that seems wonderful. Think about it like this: Fast FWD 2 years into the future. You are with girl B, but that breath of fresh air is no longer so fresh.

She is quite possibly doing things that you once thought were charming, but now just annoy you to death. Her simpler way used to complement you, now it just frustrates you. Then you go to friend's birthday party, and there is girl A looking a lot less homely and rather exotic now. Seated next to her is that dude who epitomizes everything you can't or won't be.

Then you think about how much you loved the long talks about philosophy How life was so tranquil with her. Then you look at girl A, who is acting like a dumbass and embarrassing you again. You roll your eyes and take a few more shots and long for the mating of the mind you no longer have. Now this is bleak, I know. But one acid test I have always presented myself was the worst case scenario test.

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You have to be OK with the idea of your girl with somebody else and you with nobody. If you want out, you want out. Not being happy within your relationship is enough of a reason to terminate it. Maybe you have an underlying fear of intimacy and so your mind is racing for reasons to distance yourself from them because you want to avoid letting someone really see you.

The anxiety of indecisiveness that wells up over time saps your motivation and energy. Dedicated to your success, Jordan Ps.

The One Who Can’t Decide Always Wins the Relationship

Still not sure whether to not you should break up with your partner? Feel like there are too many specific things that are weighing in on your decision? Want to encourage even more depth in your relationship? Unfulfilled, frustrated and ultimately dissatisfied with your relationship.

Look at a prime example of a classically, unfulfilling relationship, involving the most popularly uncommitted couple in the world. Superman and Lois Lane! Superman was a sincerely genuine man.

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Good heart, outstanding character and undying love for Lois Lane. However, he had a very legitimate reason for not committing to his beautiful heroine. He had merely her best interest at heart. Never could the protector of the free world endanger the woman he loved by committing to her and having her become the target of all of his arch enemies.

Never daring to seriously engage in a romance with another.