Meet the hollowheads quotes about friendship

Marcus's Movie Life: Meet the Hollowheads

meet the hollowheads quotes about friendship

MEET THE HOLLOWHEADS Anne (Throw Mama. YOUR FAVORITE VIDEO y friend Nick (age 5) goes into spasms of hysteria when you say the word "doo-doo . Bible Belt and kills his mother and justifies it with a quotation from the Bible. Angelina "Anne" Ramsey (March 27, – August 11, ) was an American stage, husband in seven films, including her first, The Sporting Club (), and her last, Meet the Hollowheads (). , Deadly Friend, Elvira Parker. Posts about Hollow Heads written by Juliette Kings. My old friend Randolpho came over to help me put new wiper blades onto my car. He was wearing his tall hat. .. We meet on the internet to share ideas and challenge ourselves to write in different genres. The stories . Quotations about Life, Love, Art and Vampires.

They both sat down and crossed their bony legs in unison. Are you having sex with Boof? Meera started to laugh, a high pitched crow like cackle, then she started to snort. Then Vera joined in. You will receive no letters of recommendation, and I guarantee you will have to find your own way home, at your own expense. It almost sounded like they had an echo to their words.

Hey Baby, do you want to see stars tonight?

meet the hollowheads quotes about friendship

I deleted the message. The entire trip had been like the set-up from a bad bodice ripper romance, but without any sex or bodice ripping. You know the story. The heroine is caught between two potential lovers. One is dark haired, gorgeous, with impeccable breeding, and insanely rich. The other is blond, gorgeous, insanely smart, and grew up more or less a street urchin in a block of government run shelter pods. Who should our heroine choose?

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I took the clip out of my hair and shook out letting it fall to my shoulders. Thank goodness for planets with normal gravity. I remember reading about the days when the idea of women being in space seemed ridiculous. The excuse was always something about hair, periods, sex, temptations, strength and peeing. Seriously, one does not need a penis, or a hairy chest to travel in space.

Thank goodness for Nichelle Nichols. I was so glad to see her on the one-dollar coin last year. I remember reading the emails of my great-great-grandmother telling my father about when she met Sally Ride.

Over the next few days Captain Finch and I tasked our crew with collecting data, and ship maintenance.

Our engineer Morgan questioned everything we asked him to do. He claimed inspections were not necessary. He went on about how his qualifications were better than anyone on the ship, and bragged about his superior intelligence whenever I requested a progress report. They spread the word through the crew that Timothy Leary was going to drug them and feed them to giant spiders or some sort of shit along those lines. It was as if the entire crew had gone insane.

Hollow Earth, Hollow Men, Hollow Heads

His name was Dr. He only took the job to get out of paying child support for four different women and six kids on three planets. Our sane medical crew member, Dr. Sashie Vern, took my arm and asked if I wanted to get coffee. In the empty crew lounge she begged me to keep Dr.

Jay away from her due to his incompetence and creepiness. On our last supply stop, Hawk Donaldson, a popular member of our Engineering group had a one night stand with a Trasidain female.

Unfortunately Trasidains also have horrible parasites, which there is no cure for except the death of the host. Hawk contracted a large number of the parasites and was in excruciating pain as the bugs ate him from the inside out. On his request Dr. Sashie put him into a medically induced coma until his death thirty four hours later. His body, along with the bugs, was cremated and blasted into space.

Sashie wondered why most of the crew members refused to see her for regular check ups or even acknowledge her existence. I should have guessed what Dr. Jay had told everyone that Dr. I went back to confront Dr. Jay and he just smirked. I wrote him up for spreading false information and confined him to his room when he was not on duty. The following day rumors spread that I was sleeping with Captain Finch, which was odd considering Finch is gay.

I knew it was Dr. As I made my rounds that day I realized that our crew, due to the nasty mix of passive aggressive cockroaches and over inflated egos was completely shutting down as a functional team. The Engineering Group all shaved their heads and wore goggles because they decided that they did not want Garland Holbrook writing about them. Their reasoning was that if they all looked alike then Holbrook would get confused and leave them alone.

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She would sit next to Potemkin and make snorting noises, suck up snot in her nose, cough, loudly chew crunchy food hours on end, pound on her work station.

I could go on for hours about the adolescent behavior of the crew. It seemed that most of my day was spent listening to complaints, breaking up fights, and telling crew members to act like adults.

meet the hollowheads quotes about friendship

I loved my job. I loved the science, but I hated almost everyone on board of our ship. Boof and I continued to visit Tim Leary. He told us a lot of tall tales but was stingy with any technical information. One night at dinner, with a nice view of the three aligned moons of the planet, the Captain vented for about an hour about the crew.

Boof, Garland, and Dr.

meet the hollowheads quotes about friendship

Sashie Vern had joined us as the highest ranking crewmembers. Captain Finch had an announcement for us. I asked for an experienced crew of individuals with solid science experience, and technical expertise. Come to think of it, Boof, Sashi and I were the only three you personally interviewed.

Garland Holbrook poured another glass of wine and smiled. Then we can have a perfect crew. They have the facilities right here for high speed clone creation.

You know, Clone Nuggets. They made clones of themselves. We could make clones of our crew.

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I spoke with the Evil Twins today and they estimated a major volcanic explosion within the next month. There was a knock on the door. Tim Leary stood there in a black tuxedo, holding three bottles of wine in his arms.

meet the hollowheads quotes about friendship

A long time ago when she was a little girl there used to be a huge store called Ickyah. People would flock to it to be unassembled furniture because it felt good if you built stuff yourself. The buyer would get home with instructions that said it would take two hours to build your bed frame and nightstand.

Moving to Hollywood and living for a short period with actress Karen Black while seeking work, Lewis moved into an apartment with friends, finally finding the independence she had so diligently pursued. The payoff for her persistence was not far behind, as Lewis soon landed a role in the Showtime-produced Home Fires Following up with light comedic roles in the suburban extraterrestrial comedy My Stepmother Is an Alienand taking the role of Audrey in the third installment in the vacation series National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Lewis was well on her way to fully achieving her dreams of stardom.

Her dramatic turn as Amanda Sue Bradley in Too Young to Die, the true story of the first minor to receive the death penalty, earned Lewis well-deserved praise and the recognition that would carry her forward into more challenging territory. Lewis' breakthrough role came in the form of the awkward and rebellious daughter flirting with a psychotic Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear, a role that earned her an Oscar nomination.

More mature roles began to follow such as Johnny Depp's love interest in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and in her first foray into the mind of a serial killer, Kalifornia both Her most notorious role to date, as the homicidal Mallory to Woody Harrelson's psychopathic Micky in the controversial and numbingly hyperkinetic ode to excess Natural Born Killers, displayed her remarkably enthusiastic ability for boundless exorbitance.

With a few exceptions, namely 's The Other Sister, Lewis' post-Natural Born Killers career was filled with supporting roles and ensemble parts.

She was the pregnant kidnapping victim in the noirish The Way of the Gun and played Jennifer Lopez's best friend in the domestic-violence thriller Enough. Director Todd Phillips enjoyed working with her so much he cast her in 's high-profile comedic retooling of TV's Starsky and Hutch.