Bo sanchez talks about relationship 2015 form


bo sanchez talks about relationship 2015 form

In this LittleBook, bestselling author and relationship expert Bo Sanchez shares his insights from John . Husband: “then write him a letter if you can't talk to him. Motivational speaker and author Bo Sanchez is a great believer of the principle “ ask and you shall receive.” He said that the same principle can. All relationships are built on trust. It doesn't matter if the relationship is a marriage or a parent-child relationship or a friendship or an.

Do you believe in the idea that all of us have soulmates? For years, many have tried to define this word. However, no one has yet succeeded, maybe because of the profoundness of the emotions that come along with it, which no words can encompass.

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Instead of defining it, others can only come up with explanationto it. One example is that it is believed to be an odd sense or feeling that everything between you and a person seems to have already happened a long time ago, perhaps just in a different setting.

But how can you find him? How can you find your soulmate? According to best-selling author and life coach Bro. Bo Sanchezthere are four steps that can serve as a guide to every single lady out there to finally find her soulmate, he who can make her prosper though life. Raise your flags Single ladies need to put up a flag to state their standards. It is a declaration of who they are and the kind of men to whom they want to spend their life with.

Interview: Bo Sanchez rises from poor missionary to prosperity guru

Flow This simply means that single women should try to go out and meet people in order for them to find the right one. And finding the right one, he said, means having options.

Do not be desperate Bro. In this sense, he said women must neither be desperate nor too reserved about their emotions since these will most likely drive possible suitors away. I felt that it was an instrument of the devil. So the less I had, the better I felt. I held to this false idea that if someone wanted to really please God, he had to give up all pursuit of money. My entire retirement plan was when I grow old, I'd sleep on the sidewalk with newspapers as my blanket.

bo sanchez talks about relationship 2015 form

You were, in your own words, a "poor missionary" back then. How much or little were you making back then, and how did you get by? I earned P a month, which was enough for basic food and transportation. But I was giving away whatever I had for ministry work. I was working in the slums and tried my best to help the poor whenever I could. But when did you decide to turn your finances around?

When I was 30 years old.

bo sanchez talks about relationship 2015 form

That was when I decided to get married and realized I had to change my retirement plan. I couldn't tell my kids to sleep in the sidewalk with me. The other reason why I changed my thinking about money was the number of people who asked me for prayers for money. I couldn't give any advice to them because I didn't know how money worked. Was it difficult to do that?

It was very difficult to make a shift. I read lots of books, attended seminars, watched videos, listened to audio talks, and talked to financial mentors. I had to unlearn many things and learn many things, which took a long process. I made many mistakes.

bo sanchez talks about relationship 2015 form

I lost a lot of money. How did you end up losing money? My first business never became profitable. So did my second, and third, and fourth… Yikes! I sold herbal juice, I sold memorial plans, I sold engine oils, I organized major concerts.

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I also owned a squidball kiosk, a hotdog stand, and an ice cream stand… I tried networking. I tried direct sales. Even though you failed and failed… you eventually found success. What motivated you to keep going?

The needs of the ministry were all around me. I knew I had to become rich if I wanted to help people. So in face of failure, I just had to try again and again and again. Sooner or later, I knew I was going to make it. So what was your first profitable business? Companies would ask me to give seminars on values, which was right up my alley. My most profitable businesses are my online businesses.

Now that you're successful, what do you wish you'd known sooner about money or finance or your career?